MBC Interior Design

Describe the featured project.

This is a beautiful New England-style home with some of the best views in Manhattan Beach, but the interior needed some updating. We freshened everything up but kept it classic. We touched almost every inch of this house, but the biggest transformation was in the kitchen, where there had been a long wall closing it off from the other living spaces. Removing the wall made the kitchen feel so much more open, allowed tons of natural light, and the views can now be enjoyed from every angle. The finishing touch is the amazing Ilve range in midnight blue and brass that provides a nice pop of color in this all-white kitchen. Throughout the process our clients were very involved, and that’s reflected in the finished product. The home feels fresh, comfortable and very much like them.

Tell us about your business.

We are a residential interior design studio that specializes in creating modern-classic interiors. We focus on all levels of design—from a one-room refresh to full-scale remodels and custom builds. What is most essential to our design process is really getting to know our clients, their style, their needs and how they want their home to live. Our goal is to make each space not only beautiful but beautifully unique to each client.  We put our stamp on every project but believe a home is most compelling when it’s a reflection of the people who live there—not of the designer.

A tip to add curb appeal?

There’s no question that adding something green can give your home immediate curb appeal. Plants add softness and life and make every home feel more inviting. For those of us with a limited-size yard—or no yard—containers are a great solution. I like using the same style pot in varying sizes to add interest. Throw in a small bench, and you’ve just created an outdoor oasis.

Mid-century modern: Here to stay or on its way out?

I’m a fan. Mid-century modern furniture is clean-lined and understated, which allows it to mix well with a variety of different styles. A few well-placed pieces make a room feel collected and also give it a bit of that vintage California vibe that I don’t think will ever go out of style. But everything in moderation. It’s the mix that I love and that tension between contrasting styles is what makes a space interesting. Too much of any one thing is just too much.




Photographed by Lauren Pressey