Michael Fulbright, DDS

Not long after moving to Los Angeles, while he was attending college and then dental school, Michael Fulbright became keenly aware of two passions that remain dear to his heart today: living near the beach and cosmetic dentistry. He discovered the South Bay and met his future wife, Molly—and fell in love with both. Hermosa Beach is where they chose to raise their beautiful three children.

“The small-town feel and wonderful community is what keeps us here and allows us the lifestyle we prefer,” says Dr. Fulbright. “We’re grateful to be in a place where we work and live and can commute with our bikes or golf cart.”

“We deliver artistically natural smiles that literally change lives … one smile at a time!”

After earning his dental degree, Dr. Fulbright continued to elevate his education in aesthetic techniques. “I have cultivated my smile design protocols and created an experience so patients play an active part in personalizing their smile,” he shares.

Although he is the Face of Cosmetic Dentistry in the South Bay, Dr. Fulbright and his team are passionate about helping patients achieve complete health—beyond just the mouth. “Our mission is to transform the total health of 30,000 people in the Beach Cities by 2022,” he says. “We now know the links between systemic diseases and oral health. I want to be one of the pioneer dentists who helps create the paradigm shift in our profession from having a ‘drill-and-fill’ mentality to being leaders in preventative medicine and ultimately oral physicians.”

Combining his passions for his work and his community, Dr. Fulbright continues to make an impact on patients in the South Bay—improving their smiles as well as their total health.