Michael Lee Architects, Inc.
Michael Lee Construction, Inc. 

Describe the featured project.

The home featured is one of two townhomes on a double lot in the Sand Section of Manhattan Beach. This location has unique views, and we were afforded the chance to work on the puzzle of crafting a space to maximize both square footage and view. As is often the case, the job was about amplifying the natural environment while creating a highly functional and warm setting. We hope we’ve ended up with a home that is sophisticated, urban and forward-thinking, while at the same time serene and very comfortable. We were especially fortunate to have functioned as both the architect and the general contractor on the project.

What makes your firm unique in this industry?

We look at every project with fresh eyes and as a chance to design a unique and exciting building that will enhance the lives of its inhabitants. We carry this enthusiasm forward through the design and construction process and work diligently to assure that our projects exceed our clients’ expectations.

What is the most valuable service you offer to clients?

Our belief in good design and understanding how to create lasting, quality architecture.

Describe the vernacular of your firm.

We are primarily a custom residential design firm. We specialize in private homes throughout the L.A. Basin and Southern California, with some of our newer projects being in Newport Beach and Santa Barbara County. Our belief in the basics of good design enables us to design successfully in a range of styles. We also do multi-family residential, small commercial and restaurant work, along with interior design and construction management. Design/build has been a very successful formula for us on numerous projects.

What is it about this industry that captivates you?

Working in architecture is challenging, given the huge range of skills and responsibilities that an architect must take on. However, this is what makes being an architect so rewarding. An architect must solve problems in an aesthetic way, engineer projects cost-effectively, guide them through the byzantine municipal approval processes, and then coordinate the construction and finishes of those projects. Having an understanding of all aspects of the design process and a deep appreciation for good architecture and all of its various components gives us great satisfaction.

Photographed by Ken Pagliaro  |  Interior designer Joe Lucas, Lucas Studio Inc.  |  Developer Balios Development