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Lovette Mioni is a Certified Family Law Specialist who attended Southwestern Law School and opened Mioni Family Law in 2015. Her associate Christopher Choi attended law school at the University of Illinois before joining her firm. Both attorneys practice family law exclusively.

What fulfills you most about your career?

“We are helping people through one of the most difficult times in their lives. We try to do so with empathy and as efficiently as possible while obtaining the best results for our clients.”

What problems do you solve for clients? 

“If a case can be settled in a way that allows our clients to get a good and fair result, we settle it. However, not all cases can be settled, as sometimes spouses or opposing attorneys take incorrect or unreasonable positions. In those instances, we litigate and we litigate well. We also sometimes utilize private judges instead of going to court for matters that may be tied up for a long time in the court system, which allows our client to get better results more efficiently.”

In what ways is your industry changing with the times?

“We are utilizing private judges more and more. The courts are extremely overburdened, and thus a divorce or paternity matter that needs to be heard in court can be a long, frustrating process. Hiring a private judge allows us to get our clients results much quicker—and oftentimes with better results—than going through the regular court system. When the courts were shut down during the height of COVID-19, private judges were still able to hear our cases through video conferences, and we were able to move cases forward when others were stuck waiting for the courts to open back up.”

How do you find new clients?

“Most of our clients come to us through referrals: past clients, friends of past clients, family of past clients. On a few occasions we’ve even received a referral from the spouse of our client because they thought we did a better job than their own attorney.”

Give us your thoughts about the importance of charitable contributions.

“Attorneys are expensive, and not everyone has equal access to the legal system. We do take on pro bono (legal services we provide for free) cases that are referred to us through the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, or if we come across a case that really pulls at the heartstrings or if there is a great injustice.”