Molly Hobin Williams

The Hobin Company at Bayside is a real estate brokerage company with offices in Manhattan Beach and Palm Desert. Owners Molly Hobin Williams and Tom Williams and their team represent buyers and sellers and also facilitate leasing. The Hobin Company was started by Molly’s great-grandfather in 1925. He and Molly’s grandfather and father ran the business, and Molly took over in 2010 after working in commercial real estate for 24 years.

What is the silver lining of the recent pandemic for your business? 

“It is hard to believe, but I had my best year in business in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. I had clients moving to the South Bay from all over the country. It was wild, as people no longer had to drive to an office every day and were now working remotely. So of course they want to live at the beach. We also found a lot of people wanting second homes in the desert as a weekend escape.”

Where do you find your inspiration? 

“I find my inspiration from my father, who passed away suddenly three years ago, and my three brothers, who all have their own companies and are incredible entrepreneurs. My dad ran The Hobin Company for years and loved real estate; he spent hours with me talking about it. He was my biggest fan. I am very close to my brothers; we talk all the time and share stories and collaborate.” 

What is your best advice for a woman just starting in your line of work? 

“Work your network. The majority of my deals are referrals from past clients, friends and family, my commercial real estate network and my UCLA real estate network. Also, learn to play golf! I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t tell you how many deals I have done with people who I have met playing golf or at our country club. People enjoy working with like-minded individuals who enjoy a similar lifestyle. If you have something in common like golf, they will feel comfortable working with you.”

What puts a spring in your step and keeps you feeling energized? 

“I love the thrill of the deal. There is nothing better to me than when I meet with clients for the first time and they tell me what they are looking for and I find them their ideal dream home. I also am very excited about my team—how we are growing and all of the exciting things we have on the horizon.”