Mora Sepehrnia

The Kondo Group is a full-service real estate team working under the umbrella of Compass. Led by Tadashi Kondo since 2014, the team is comprised of 12 agents and staff with more than 60 years of combined experience. Realtor Mora Sepehrnia joined The Kondo Group more than seven years ago. She started her real estate journey in Toronto in 2010 while completing her bachelor’s degree in business from York University. Later she met her husband, moved to the United States and obtained her broker’s license in Chicago. The couple moved to Los Angeles about eight years ago, and Mora acquired her California real estate license. In 2019 she also became licensed in Abu Dhabi.

How has your professional performance exceeded your clients’ expectations?

It comes down to how much I care—that’s what makes me stand out among the crowd. I want every client to feel they have my 100% focus and attention. Every Realtor can put up a for-sale sign in front of a house or suggest staging or projects to get the home ready for the market, but it’s that extra mile that takes home buying and selling from good to extraordinary. I don’t want to meet clients’ expectations, I want to exceed them. 

What is the best advice you’ve received?

“Eddie would go!” It was given to me by one of my first mentors in California, Matt Jacobs—God rest his soul. He always encouraged me to keep going and be courageous in this business. You have to be self-motivated in this business, and this motto reminds me to stay committed and persevere through any hurdles.

What advice do you give kids you know?

Although I don’t have any kids of my own, my advice for all kids is to be bold, be fearless, stand up for what you believe in and to follow your passion. 

Tell us about a few of your passions.

I am a very passionate person, being moved by art, music, performances, stories and anything that can deliver a message. Art and a good song can give me goose bumps and make my heart race. Whenever I need a creativity boost, I enjoy creating art.

Who is your professional mentor?

When Tadashi Kondo asked me to join his team, The Kondo Group, I thought I may only stay for a couple of years. But here I am seven years later, still under his wing and learning something new every day! He’s created a great team, and I love getting to collaborate with top agents.

DRE #01969527