Morgan’s Jewelers Torrance

Morgan’s is a multigenerational, family-owned jewelry store established in 1946 that has long been a staple in the community. They carry Rolex watches, bridal jewelry, fashion jewelry and fine jewelry and offer a variety of jewelry services.

What is the #1 way you support your clients?

“By listening carefully to their needs and desires. From this we learn so much about them, build strong, everlasting relationships and make their dreams come true.”

How has your business changed with three generations?

Melissa Varon Weinberg: “We now carry a much broader range of products, including traditional timeless pieces, the latest trends and everything in between. If you haven’t visited us, we invite you to come in and experience the difference.”

How do help your team perform at the top of their game?

“By fostering an environment where everyone’s inherent capabilities are allowed to thrive. We believe that the most important trait of a successful enterprise is to encourage autonomy and responsibility. We also host trainings and team-building activities.”

Do you think having a mentor is important?

“Everyone in business should find a strong mentor—someone who will tell them that they can when everyone else is telling them that they can’t. It is the can-do attitude and grit that helps one rise above the rest. There are many platforms for finding inspiration and advice online these days. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to find their mentor, we suggest listening to podcasts and joining industry-related or networking groups groups. One of our favorites is Hey Mama.”

Do businesses have a duty to give back to society?

“We have to support our community, especially those in need. Morgan’s Jewelers supports local organizations such as Walk with Sally, Sandpipers, Torrance Memorial and local education foundations, to name a few. By showing our support, we hope to inspire others to get more involved.”

What is your favorite networking tool or activity?

“We are huge fans of Instagram; follow us @morgansjewelers. We also believe that being active in the community and building new relationships is always the best networking.”