Nicol Real Estate Group

L to R Above: Nicole Odom-Reis, Scot Nicol, Jacqui Withers

Formed in 2016, the Nicol Real Estate Group specializes in residential, multifamily, commercial, development and investment transactions. They assist clients throughout the South Bay, from Palos Verdes to Playa Vista. The team consists of Realtors® Scot Nicol, Nicole Odom-Reis and Jacqui Withers. Scot is a Los Angeles native and has worked in real estate since 2006. Nicole was raised in the South Bay and is a second-generation Realtor, following in her mother’s footsteps. Jacqui is a lifelong resident of Palos Verdes and the South Bay with more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry.

Speak about the level of flexibility required to be successful in the real estate industry.

“Finding success in today’s highly competitive real estate market requires individuals willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and who are knowledgeable and hardworking. With inventory at historical lows, we have been forced to work outside the typical realms and really leverage the relationships we have built over the past decade.”

Do you think home prices will continue to soar in 2022?

“No one has a crystal ball, but supply vs. demand is really all you need to answer this question. Every agent in the South Bay is flooded with buyers and in search of listings, Multiple offers are everywhere you look. Prices will continue to climb.”

What are key factors for finding a good fit when choosing a realtor to work with?

“There is a Realtor for every consumer out there. We may not be the Realtors for you, but find someone you trust. There is a point in every deal when a client is on the other end of a phone asking their Realtor for advice. If you cannot trust the agent you’re considering working with, interview someone else.”

What do you love most about your job?

“Helping people accomplish their goals—from first-time home buyers to families who have outgrown their current homes. Working together and building bonds with clients who become friends is my favorite part of this business.”

Do you involve your family in your work?

“We love incorporating family in our business. Scot and Nicole are cousins, and Scot’s wife, Kimberley Nicol, is the brains behind our advertising and marketing.”

What does it take to become a top earner in your field?

“Consistency is key in this business. Provide quality service over and over again, and you’ll begin to see your business grow. Referrals from past clients make up more than 50% of our business. That speaks volumes to the work we do and the efforts we go to in creating clients for life. A career is a marathon not a sprint. Our clients are not statistics, they’re people and families. It is a compliment when someone chooses to work with you. Remember that, and you will always find success.”

What are the benefits of a career in real estate?

“Being able to be an active parent. The members of our team are coaches, volunteers in classes, members of service groups, and almost 100% attendees at games, plays, concerts. We have plenty of friends and clients who find themselves stuck at work or traveling for business and missing their family’s events. The trade-off is that we work most weekends and many times miss a dinner or two with evening meetings. It’s a double-edge sword: there are no ‘weekends off’ in the real estate world.”

What do you believe separates you from the crowd of agents in your market?

“Agent personalities are the largest differences amongst the agents in our market. There are two main things that help us to stand out. First, we share our personal design-build experience with our clients. Helping them see what a home can be is a wonderful asset we have. The second is having Compass as our brokerage. The technology and tools help us stand apart and offer our clients an experienced unmatched in our industry.”

What is your agency known for?

“Compass is known for Dreaming Big / Moving Fast / Learning From Reality / Being Solution-Driven / Obsessing Over Opportunity / Collaborating Without Ego / Maximizing Our Strengths / and Bouncing Back With Passion. Nicol Real Estate Group follows these guiding principles and always places our clients first. We believe if you help people, you will find yourself in a very successful career.”

Give us some top tips for improving curb appeal.

“Look no further than Compass Lens. Agents always have grand ideas about remodeling a home to help its marketability. We believe in a ‘spend $1 to make $3’ criteria. We always share our curb appeal enhancement suggestions once we have decided with a client that we are a good fit and plan to work together. When in doubt, paint.”

What relocation assistance do you offer clients who are new to the area?

“Compass boasts the largest in-house relocation opportunities of all companies in America. We are the largest independent brokerage, and therefore we are able to help clients find fellow professionals all over the States. In 2021 our team was successful in finding our clients great representation in seven states other than California as well as three referrals within California.”