Nicola Lowrey, PA-C

Marcus Medical Spa offers services in skin care, injectables, laser treatments, body treatments and medical-grade microneedling. Physician assistant and aesthetic medicine specialist Nicola Lowrey, who has been practicing medicine since 2003, recently joined the staff at Marcus Medical. She earned her Master’s in Physician Assistant Practice (MPAP) from USC’s Keck School of Medicine.

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“To succeed in this fast-paced, competitive industry you need to have a personality that is incredibly passionate. You need to love what you do and have an insatiable hunger for constant learning. You need to be a lover of people and have the ability to form long, trusting relationships based on mutual respect. And having an artistic eye and being a little bit of a perfectionist never hurts!”

What challenges are specific to your industry?

“One of the greatest hurdles in this industry is ridding ourselves of the negative stigma attached to it. This is 2019! There is just nothing ‘scandalous’ about getting anti-wrinkle injections. Nowadays it’s as common as getting your teeth whitened or having your hair colored. It’s more the norm than not. We need to stop feeling guilty about wanting to take care of ourselves and embrace our proactive, preventative maintenance in regard to aging. (I am 100% proud to be your ‘Botox dealer!’) South Bay folks are healthy, attractive and stay active well into their later years. Looking and feeling our best is important to us. Aesthetic treatments are one part of that picture and are perfectly acceptable.”

Tell us about your ideal day off.

“My ideal day off starts with a long run—either on the wood chip trail, The Strand or up in the trails of PV. It’s followed by an amazing breakfast at one of my favorite local restaurants. (How lucky are we to have so much good and healthy food all within walking distance of our homes!) The rest of that day is spent with my husband and two boys, either at the beach (my boys are both Junior Lifeguards and turning into some awesome little surfers) or just hanging out at home. And maybe, if it’s truly the perfect day, I can have a professional massage scheduled just before bed.”