Nicole Longo

NEAT Method is a full-service organizing business that delivers order, function and style to clients’ homes—from the working professional to the stay-at-home mom. The business was founded in 2011, and a Manhattan Beach franchise was formed in 2020. Nicole Longo took over the franchise at the beginning of this year and expanded it to the entire South Bay. Before transitioning to this career, she worked for 15 years as an entertainment and tech marketing executive with firms including Snapchat, Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures.   

What makes NEAT Method unique?

NEAT Method is the largest home organizing company in the industry, with 95+ markets across the U.S. and Canada. The business was founded by women and is operated by a beautiful community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others live NEAT and empowering each other to grow. We also design a line of organizing products based on years of experience in clients’ homes. 

Why did you choose to go into this business?

When your passion comes knocking, you open the door. I’ve always enjoyed organizing, planning and visual aesthetics. I’m a Virgo who also grew up in a military family that moved often, so the art of purging, unpacking and organizing are second nature to me. 

In 2021, I started organizing on the side for my friends and family as a creative outlet while working a full-time job as a marketing executive. I quickly realized that transforming spaces for other people was fulfilling my sense of purpose while allowing me to lean in to a passion at the same time. When the opportunity arose to own NEAT Method Manhattan Beach and expand it into a larger business, I knew it was the right time to make a bold move and change careers.

What is the #1 thing you do to ensure your business is successful?

We take a realistic and honest approach to containing clutter and customize every system to fit the needs of each household. We also provide a white-glove experience that includes a lifestyle consultation, shopping for and implementing products, and donating unwanted items, which leaves our clients with nothing left to do but enjoy their space.

How has your professional performance exceeded your clients’ expectations?

We often hear from our clients that organizing is life-changing. When everything has a place (with labels!), you can find things easier and faster and move about your day more seamlessly. Having a composed living space also helps get rid of mental clutter; when you see an organized space, you aren’t wasting mental space thinking about cleaning it.