Nicole Odom-Reis

A second-generation South Bay Realtor®, Nicole Odom-Reis and her business partner and cousin Scot Nicol serve clients throughout the Beach Cities and beyond. She earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from UCLA and has a background in finance and advertising. Nicole works with the Nicol Real Estate Group, which joined Compass earlier this year.

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“I take great pride in being an honest, trustworthy, dedicated and loyal person. This business is relationship-centric, and operating with integrity is what draws others to me. Also perseverance is a trait I’ve relied on the most in my life both athletically and professionally. Every real estate transaction presents numerous obstacles, and I particularly thrive under that pressure.”

How has having a coach or mentor influenced your professional success?

“Having been an All-American shortstop at UCLA and competing for a national championship all four years, I was coached by the all-time greatest in the history of the game. So much of what I do everyday parallels my playing days. The South Bay real estate market is extremely competitive, and for me focusing on the task at hand and getting the deal across the finish line is all that matters. My coach used to tell us there are only two things in life you can control: your effort and your attitude. If you keep that in perspective, anything is possible!”

Tell us about some women in business whom you admire?

“The woman I admire most and the reason I am a Realtor today is my mother, Karen Odom. If you bought a home in the Hollywood Riviera over the course of 35 years up until 2014, my mother was a household name. The wealth of knowledge she shares with me is invaluable, and I realize what an asset she is in helping me build my business. To know her is to admire her and want to emulate what she was able to achieve!”

What is the best part of your day?

“The flexibility of this profession allows me to pick up my children from school every day. Embracing my family after a productive workday is what makes the hustle worthwhile.”