Odoya Design

Describe the featured project.

This contemporary home was designed with the goal of merging interiors and the outdoors to be experienced as one. The client’s requirements were to create functional entertainment spaces while keeping open grass space for play. First envisioning the space and the natural flow of human behavior, we then created specific functional areas that all come together cohesively for the client to enjoy at various moments. The spaces include a spa, lounge areas, outdoor kitchen, dining and mini-golf. The house facade was updated by replacing old shingles with whitewashed brick and adding sliding doors.



The color palette is neutral with accents of black, resulting in a contemporary, casual and polished home. This project reflects a successful collaboration between the designer, client and builder. We worked well together, welcoming different ideas and cultivating respect. Odoya Design managed the project, while Icaza Construction handled the building and Taylor Jones (LA plant girl) provided the plants.

Tell us about your business

Odoya is a residential interior and outdoor design and contracting firm. We focus on all levels of design-build from a single room to complete new construction. Our approach is rooted in minimalist, modern and natural aesthetics. We believe in making design affordable and attainable for all. Central to our ethos, Odoya champions the fight against the culture of disposability and strives to implement sustainable design using reclaimed and planet-friendly materials whenever possible. Odoya believes that even the humblest dwellings host beauty within.

What do your clients appreciate most?

Our clients appreciate our enthusiasm for design, our work ethic, and our overall consideration and kindness. We believe in thorough and consistent communication with clients so their vision is reflected in our final output. Design is our passion, and it’s evident in our relationships with clients, contractors, vendors, as well as in the project’s end result.

How did you get your start?

Ana Dias, architect & founder: Prior to founding Odoya, I graduated from architecture school at the Universidade Santa Úrsula in Rio de Janeiro. Following graduate school, I worked for a Rio-based interior design company as well as architecture firms in Rio and Paris. Stateside I partnered with a Hermosa Beach company, JDS Outdoor Designs, where I worked for seven years before branching out on my own and launching Odoya.

How does your experience in interior and outdoor design benefit clients?

Ana: With a background in architecture and seven years of outdoor design experience, it’s only natural that I see interiors and exteriors as spaces that should be connected and therefore designed by the same team. Presently, there is a shift in lifestyle where clients seek to experience serenity and integration with indoor and outdoor spaces and their natural elements. 


Project photographed by Peter McMenamin