Orangetheory Fitness

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    409 Pacific Coast Hwy. #205, Redondo Beach
    2041 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 150, El Segundo

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    424-400-7433  | 310-400-5662

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    Coaches Melissa Bricker, Lays Loizou, Caroline Caliri, Jess Horan

  • Special Section

    Health Professionals

Services Offered

  • Full-body group workouts
  • Heart rate-based interval training
  • Technology-tracked workouts
  • Coach-inspired and coach-led classes
  • Guaranteed results from the inside out
  • Helping people live a longer, more vibrant life

“Our studios become a second home to so many of our members.”


Orangetheory Fitness is known as the leader in heart rate-based interval training. We offer a high-energy group workout with pumping music led by a professional coach. Members run on treadmills, row on our famous orange water rowers and work out on the weight floor under the famous orange lights. During our hour-long classes, clients wear our OTbeat heart rate monitors that give real-time feedback about the workout and summarized results after every class.


We are in business to give our members “more life.” When we see someone accomplish a fitness goal, walk into the studio with more confidence after transforming their body, make a meaningful connection to someone new, or tell us about how Orangetheory improved their life outside the studio, we swell with fulfillment.


The health and fitness industries are in a seismic shift right now, and it is so exciting. So many people are taking the time to prioritize their physical and mental health and understanding how connected they are to each other. There has never been more investment into new ways and new modalities to get and stay healthy. Digital and connected fitness is exploding. Technology is giving us ways to measure and track our results like never before. At the same time, community and real-world connections are proving to be the difference-maker in long-lasting, positive results. 


Our studios become a second home to so many of our members. There is something special that happens when you work out next to someone that extends beyond the 60 minutes in the studio. Real connections are made. Friendships happen. Even romance can start inside an Orangetheory studio! Our community extends to the local businesses around our studios, the local schools, and sports leagues and more.


Even with all the information and amazing options available in the world of health and fitness, it still is a challenge to make that leap and walk into any fitness studio for your first time. We solve this problem by having the most welcoming team and coaches who take up to 30 minutes to make sure we understand your fitness goals and that you understand what goes on in an Orangetheory class so you feel confident and comfortable. From there, our amazing coaches can help you solve anything from losing a few pounds to building strength, pushing athletic performance and more. Once you walk in the door, you can put your mind at rest and let us lead you!