Peninsula Heritage School

Peninsula Heritage School is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The school serves kindergarten through eighth grade students. The middle school is located on its own adjacent campus.

What does your school offer that makes kids say, “Wow!”

“Peninsula Heritage students love coming to school! They enjoy project-based learning with appropriate academic challenges in each subject area at exactly the right pace. ‘Let’s not rush our reading,’ declared one first grader during daily read-aloud time. ‘We want to savor each chapter of this book!’ Along with academics, students relish the opportunity to express their creativity and explore their passions in coding, science lab, performing arts, music, fine arts and physical education.”

What makes Peninsula Heritage extraordinary?

“Our small class sizes provide each teacher and associate teacher the opportunity to assess every child’s academic, social and emotional profile and continually create engaging programs that maximize each student’s learning. Peninsula Heritage offers math enrichment where students can progress one or even two grades ahead in mathematics. In reading and writing, teachers differentiate programs for each level of learning within the class. Parents frequently express their appreciation for the faculty’s and administration’s caring attitude and their genuine interest in the progress of each student.”

How does your school empower kids and give them a voice?

“Students can exercise their decision-making skills in all areas of the curriculum. For example, kindergartners choose which books they wish to read and study, and eighth graders select how they wish to construct a model of a plant or animal cell. Classroom discussions and writing opportunities enable students to express their views and decisions, and varied opinions are carefully discussed and honored. Our music and theater arts faculty analyze each class’s talents and levels of interest in choosing their performance material for the year. In addition, individual students’ passions and areas of personal focus are celebrated, and teachers provide encouragement and resources to further knowledge acquisition in these selected areas.”

How is your campus unique?

“Both our main campus and our middle school campus are in a beautiful, tree-filled area surrounded by nature and bordering on horse trails. Each classroom in our ranch-style buildings opens to the outdoors, where learning spaces from gardens to playgrounds are used in many areas of study—from biology to mathematics to poetry in language arts. Children feel the calming influence of these surroundings, and that directly enhances learning.”