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High windows add character and natural light into rooms in this timeless California Cottage design. The deep porch says “welcome” while providing shade and space for a porch swing. The garage eyebrow trellis adds street-view eye appeal.


Vaulted ceilings enhance space and openness; high windows add light and visual interest. Stacking doors dissolve the wall to bring the outdoors in. Interior designer Caroline Burke completes the design with finishes, fixtures and furniture. It takes a team!

The classic Dutch door reinforces the neighborly vibe, bringing outdoor space, light and air inside. High ceilings, a symmetrical dormer window and a dramatic hanging fixture say, “You have arrived!” Finishes and furnishings establish the theme for the entire house.

Indoor-outdoor living in Southern California is a must! A deep porch with fireplaces, TVs, fans, heaters and furnishings create a wonderful outdoor room useable in most weather conditions. Stacking doors allow for blending of both spaces as needed.

Project photographed by Peter McMenamin  |  Team shot by Siri Berting