Regatta Capital Group 

Regatta Capital Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm that provides fiduciary wealth management services for families, group 401k plans and endowments. Russell Mohberg and Spencer Kelly met in 2003 while working at Edward Jones and founded Regatta Capital Group in 2007. Today the 12-person firm manages more than $600 million in assets with offices in El Segundo, Westchester and Brentwood.

Describe your work.

“Whether it’s building customized financial statements or utilizing cutting-edge financial planning software, we create clear and comprehensive plans for our clients. With a realistic and motivational approach, we push our clients to save in the earning years and enjoy the financial freedom years.”

Why do clients consider you their trusted advisor?

“It’s crucial that we are mutually comfortable working together, that we trust and respect each other. We spend time listening, learning and understanding our clients. We want to know about each client’s unique journey and where they want to go next. Also, we are 100% independent. There are no investments to pitch, no behind-the-scenes fees. We cannot sell anything nor generate any commissions. We are a rare breed and proud of it. We are here to serve our clients and no one else.”

Why did you decide to start your own firm?

“We craved true independence and wanted to help clients make the best decisions possible for their future, so we created Regatta to be the firm our clients desired. They wanted to invest in more than stocks, bonds and mutual funds. They wanted one simple fee schedule that aligned interests. They wanted a fiduciary that puts their interest first. They wanted investment managers to be recommended based on their results and service and not backroom deals. And we wanted to build a firm based on the values of delivering extraordinary client service and exceptional investment results.”

What changes have you made due to COVID-19?

“To be successful in life, you have to adapt. We were already set up to work 100% remotely just in case we ever needed to, and we were already running some client review meetings over Zoom prior to COVID-19. So we fully pivoted to this method of connecting with clients, and our team and clients transitioned seamlessly.” 

What have been your proudest moments recently?

“We have been by our clients’ side through this crazy year. When the markets fell apart in March, we stayed calm and focused, while we looked for opportunities. We were patient when we needed to be and aggressive when the time was right.”