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As founder of Breeze Orthodontics, Dr. Rita Chuang is passionate about improving the smiles of those around her. She serves on several boards and has received multiple awards for her work. Dr. Chuang is a published author of several scientific publications and books, including The Million Dollar Smile: Changing Lives with Cosmetic Dentistry.

Tell us about your orthodontic specialty service.   

“As an integrative orthodontist, I am committed to caring for my patients holistically by taking into account not only their smile goals but also enhancing their facial balance as well as their airway and TMJ jaw joints conditions. I have been blessed with interdisciplinary training and years of clinical experience, which allows me to treat my patients in a unique manner. My approach is to individualize care and to meet each person exactly where he or she is.”

In what ways does your work extend beyond the dental chair?

“Having served on the faculty at UPenn, I consider myself an educator-clinician. I am most passionate about educating my patients about the underlying causes of dental crowding and narrow jaws—for instance, improper tongue positions and mouth breathing. Additionally, I help my patients incorporate healthy habits with modalities that can profoundly benefit their well-being. Through my lectures and publications, I hope to advance a paradigm of thinking in orthodontics with treatment designed to develop the jaws forward, create esthetic facial balance, expand the airway and produce broader smiles.”

What fulfills you most about your career?

“I feel like I’m a catalyst for confidence and positive change. I have the privilege of working with adolescents during their crucial period of growth and development—physically, mentally and emotionally. Many come to me with insecurities about their appearances and how they connect with their peers. I enjoy mentoring my patients, and it is very gratifying to witness them blossom—smiles and all—and watch their confidence soar while their academic performances improve and extracurricular passions develop. My job is more fun than work because I get to see people from all walks of life come into my office in one condition and walk out happier and healthier.”

Why should adults consider orthodontics?

“Orthodontic treatment can substantially improve the quality of life in adults with little downsides. It not only creates an esthetic smile; it also contributes to a better bite—allowing teeth to fit better and decreasing the risk of future dental, TMJ and breathing problems. We specialize in several treatment options designed for adults that are more comfortable and less noticeable, and our patients are ecstatic with their results.”