RJ Smith Construction

 Describe the featured project. 

Our 6th Street home is a bit of a “California-casual-meets-England” cottage—a mix that may have people raise their eyebrows at first. But once you step inside the home, you’ll likely think, “Oh, I get it!” We worked closely with interior designer Ashley Ausland from the moment the demo was ready to begin. The open-floor kitchen was built to tie in not only the dining area and outdoor space but also the family room. The color palette brings the space together, allowing this family to feel cozy and comfortable all year long. In the master bathroom, we used a two-tone stucco plus custom-cut marble edges to keep our English theme intact. We loved the custom work throughout every inch of this home; it does not get more unique than this. Thanks to our California weather, the family can enjoy the exterior living and dining room on a daily basis.

What sets your firm apart from  other builders?

Our process. We are with our clients from concept to land acquisition, design and completion, as well as ongoing maintenance from years to come. No one in our area is doing anything like this.

What keeps you motivated? 

Easy: our clients. Every client has a different vision of their dream home. We love bringing that to life for them. We pride ourselves on having a close relationship with our clients, and that means having open communication at all times. My favorite process is picking our team members who get to work with our clients: the designer, architect and consultants. This process shapes the style of the home along with any fun details we want to include.

What is the best thing you learned professionally in the last two years? 

Making sure maintenance and design can go hand-in-hand. So many people want the latest and greatest items, but we need to know how long they will last and what type of maintenance will keep them looking new. My staff and I take great strides to be aware of all the newest items—from appliances to tile and stone—so we can inform our clients about the best decisions for them and their families.

Where do you see the future of building in the South Bay going?  

Further south. People are always going to want to live in Manhattan and Hermosa, but lately we have had a lot of pull toward Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes. I think this is mostly due to the COVID-19 effect of people working from home more and wanting more space. By going further south, they get that.

Describe your ideal day off.

Family time! Sports and bike-riding with my two boys. We had a pickleball court installed last year, and that’s become a big part of my after-work/weekend regime. My wife and I love hosting our neighbors from time to time as well.

Project photographed by Olivia Pierce