RJ Smith Construction

Raising the Bar

Local home builder goes above and beyond to keep his clients—and his community—safe and well cared for.

Written by Laura L. Watts  |  Photographed by Siri Berting

Community goes a long way during times like these. And the South Bay shines when it comes to rallying and supporting each other during a crisis. That’s one of the many things that RJ Smith, owner of RJ Smith Construction, loves about living and building homes in this part of Southern California.

“I love the South Bay’s beautiful community,” he shares. “Even during this pandemic, we have made sure to come together by reassuring one another as families would.”

RJ has been building high-end custom and spec homes in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach for the past 16 years. His passion for construction started as a child, when his parents inspired his love for the build and his eye for the aesthetic of good design. He spent much time as a child on construction sites and started working in the industry with his stepfather after he graduated from college.

“I realized how much I loved construction and the design process,” RJ shares. “I love creating the individual beauty, build and aesthetic of each unique custom home.”

His aha moment came when he was working for a Manhattan Beach developer and decided to leave a secure position and take a leap into a development project and two custom homes. He has never looked back, and from that experience RJ Smith Construction was born.

Through the years, RJ has taken pride in building homes that are timeless. He also surrounds himself with a top-notch team of architects and interior designers who help raise the bar for every project. Every morning RJ connects with his team and visits each construction site to ensure the highest quality outcome for his clients.

With the current pandemic, however, things have changed a bit in how these visits take place. A property manager is on-site at all times to oversee safety regulations, including limiting the number of workers on the site and enforcing hand-washing, mask-wearing and social-distancing protocols.

“We continue to set the bar high, and part of that is keeping our sites in top-notch shape,” RJ explains. “Yes, this gives us a clean area to work in. But it also means we are protecting the health and safety of not only our employees but our surrounding neighbors as well.”

The RJ Smith Construction team has always partnered with their clients every step of the way on their projects—from the initial vision to land acquisition, design, completion and ongoing maintenance. This effort allows them to simplify the entire process and be realistic on timing, budgets and the design process. During these unusual times, the team has ramped up frequent communication with customers, sharing with them a sense of community and family.

“We have stayed in contact with all of our clients during this pandemic,” he says. “We understand that peace of mind goes a long way, and a quick phone call makes the difference. We have always prided ourselves on our substantial level of communication, and because of this, our clients trust us and become friends.”

It’s an uncertain time for individuals and businesses across the globe, but with the support of each other here in the South Bay, we can all continue to prosper. And RJ is doing his part to bolster his clients and his neighbors.

“This is a reminder that RJ Smith Construction is family, and we are here for you,” he says. “We do so much more than just build beautiful luxury homes. We are all in this together.”