Ro | Rockett Design

Describe the featured project.

Our clients came to us with a steep, 6-acre hillside parcel that had never been developed, with the goal of creating a home and yard for their growing family. Challenged by access and overgrowth that obscured water views, the site had to undergo as much invention as the house. We centered the house around an existing coastal live oak tree to create the feeling of suspension amidst a forest canopy. One enters from the top floor of the house, descending by way of a three-story, top-lit stair and landing in the expanse of the main living floor. Operable walls of glass connect the spaces to the tree, yard and long views to the bay.

Tell us about the services you offer.

We are a full-service architecture firm that focuses on design excellence and comprehensive service. We develop a custom design for each project that meets our clients’ needs and captures the inherent and undiscovered potential of each site. Our attention extends to every surface and detail; both the exterior and interior are considered comprehensively. We help specify each material, fixture and piece of hardware, and we remain fully engaged with the builder during construction to ensure the design is completely realized. We treat each project as our own home and strive for a timeless quality of design and space.

What are your favorite sources of inspiration in your work?

We consistently draw inspiration from nature, project sites and, most importantly, our clients. While architecture is a physical and tactile endeavor, the long result is the facilitation of relationships, memories and thoughts that happen in the spaces and sites we help invent. Buildings endure and affect those around them, so we strive to make places that bring joy and that we want to return to over and over.

Describe some ways you seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

If someone is in one of our homes or spaces all day and still feels fresh, we’ve done something right. We go to great lengths to facilitate connection to nature. It’s not about more glass but about amount and location. Placing skylights in showers creates some of our favorite places to be.

What changes have you made due to COVID-19 protocols?

Our entire team started working separately from home as soon as COVID-19 started, but we have continued to interact with our clients in a similar manner to how we did on many projects prior to pandemic. Many of our projects were already remote—Lake Tahoe, Aspen, Jackson—so we were oddly prepared for the pandemic. We feel grateful to be able to continue doing what we love and help others get through this time by creating new places for clients to call home.

Photographed by Joe Fletcher Photography