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Above: Back: Todd Lander, Jim Rosen, Francesca Dioguardi Front: Ryan Saba, Elizabeth Bradley


Rosen Saba, LLP is a full-service 12-attorney civil litigation law firm representing a broad-based clientele throughout California and beyond. The firm handles high-profile and cutting-edge cases, primarily concerning business and employment disputes, professional responsibility, catastrophic injury claims and class actions. Jim Rosen founded the firm as a solo practice in 1993, and Ryan Saba joined him in 1999. They have been practicing as Rosen Saba, LLP since 2006.

What’s the #1 way you earn the trust and confidence of clients? 

We earn our clients’ trust by embracing them and their causes, by fighting hard to achieve their goals and by always being straight, forthright and candid with them in all our dealings. Also by winning.

What Is your most effective communication technique? 

We communicate with honesty and compassion, by whatever means.

How important is a sense of humor during tough situations?

If that means not taking ourselves too seriously, it’s essential. Litigation can be a bruising, rough-and-tumble business. Being able to laugh at oneself and bounce back with humor and grace lowers our stress levels, makes for better relationships and demonstrates confidence in our abilities without having to boast about them.

In what ways is the business model of your firm unique?

Our practice is comprised of diverse, unique individuals, each with certain talents and differing perspectives and all with a desire to do right. We aren’t beholden to any industry or a plaintiff’s or defendant’s ideology. Our clients are plaintiffs, defendants, corporations, employees, manufacturers, consumers, victims of others’ misconduct and the wrongfully sued. Our internal roundtabling of our cases is always lively, and we don’t miss many opportunities to celebrate our good fortune with our colleagues.

How do you keep stress levels low on the job? 

Our office is dog-friendly, and our pets keep us in check. We also have a “lounge” in the office, which we often use for settlement discussions, winding down after a long day, partnership meetings and general well-being. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re off work? 

A lot of us are sports fans, foodies, wine aficionados and globe-trotters. 

Tell us about some of your favorite local hot spots. 

The South Bay is chock-full of terrific restaurants and bars, stores, recreational activities and, of course, the beach. When Rosen Saba moved here from Beverly Hills, many of us moved our residences here too. We’re still exploring. However, we do eat a lot of lunches at Paul Martin’s (ground floor of our office building). They have the best steak salad!