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L to R Above: Bill Ruth, Carissa Wright & Charlie Raine

The Ruth & Raine team was formed more than 15 years ago when Bill Ruth, a broker associate with Keller Williams Palos Verdes, and Charlie Raine, a Realtor® with RE/MAX Estate Properties, decided to join forces to bring their experience and Rolling Hills knowledge together. Carissa Wright, a broker associate with Beach City Brokers, joined the team four years ago.

Bill and Charlie are both Rolling Hills natives and have raised their families there. Carissa has resided in South Redondo Beach for nearly 10 years and is raising her children there. The three specialize in the areas of Palos Verdes and the Beach Cities and have more than 75 years of combined experience in the real estate industry.

Tell us about your team.

“Our team was formed on a handshake and continues to operate without a written agreement amongst ourselves. In our opinion, this speaks volumes about our trust in each other and the character of each of us in this partnership. We provide exposure from three different companies, offering our clients a unique experience with three agents working full time for them—for the price of one!”

What are key factors for finding a good fit when choosing a real estate agent to work with?

“The right agent should be knowledgeable in both the area where you currently live and the area where you want to move. In addition, working with an agent with plenty of sales experience under their belt is an absolute must! There are many things an experienced agent will know that a new agent may not. That knowledge could potentially save you a lot of money. Having an agent who understands and respects your needs during a transaction is also very important. Do you like frequent communication, or only when needed? Do you prefer an agent who is extremely hands-on and educational, or do you want to take the reins with them and be extremely involved? Ensuring your agent understands and respects your needs is imperative for a good working relationship.”

What is most rewarding about your work?

“Our motivation is derived from our clients’ satisfaction. We are only successful if their needs are fulfilled and they are happy with the results. We are proud to say that our business has been built on relationships and past clients. A referral is the highest compliment you can give in real estate.”

What do you think will happen with mortgage rates and the real estate market in 2022?

“The Federal Reserve has predicted there will be a number of rate increases in 2022. Median home prices in our area are up 15% over this time last year, and demand continues to be extremely strong. Rising interest rates should reduce the increase in values this year, and demand should weaken slightly. But rising incomes should compensate for the higher prices as the year progresses.”

How do you feel about working as a dual agent?

“With the advent of buyers searching for homes directly on the internet, it is now a common occurrence where we represent both the buyer and seller in a purchase. We do it successfully by never breaching the confidentiality of either party to the detriment of the other. Looking out for our clients first and foremost above any potential benefits to us allows us to sleep at night and all parties to know they have been treated fairly.”

Do you involve your family in your work?

Carissa: “I have two young kids, ages 5 and 7, so while they are unable to ‘work,’ I do often take them with me to my office and occasionally along for showings. They always ask me what I do while they are at school, so I like to show them what my workday looks like. I also love the idea of instilling a good work ethic and values in them at a young age by taking them with me to work.”

Give us some tips for improving curb appeal. 

“Curb appeal is extremely important. You must remember this is a buyer’s first impression of your home! If you have a grassy front yard, make sure it is green. If you need to install new sod, it is worth it! We always encourage clients to freshen up any flower beds or planted pots. And sometimes a fresh coat of exterior paint is helpful if the paint is chipping or old or is a less-appealing color.”

What relocation assistance do you offer clients who are new to the area?

“We are all extremely knowledgeable with the Beach Cities and Palos Verdes, and helping our out-of-area clients understand the different cities and neighborhoods is a crucial step in them deciding where to buy a home. Walking a client through different neighborhoods and discussing their nuances, the differences in schools, neighborhood walkability, etc., are all important to help them identify what location will be a good fit for them. In addition, we are always happy to take our clients on a driving tour to view multiple homes in multiple neighborhoods in order to give them a feel for each area.”