SPARC Physical Therapy

Above L to R: Back: Zionne Kowlessar, Robert Chuman, Lindsey Rubinsky, Chris Kwon, Chris Bostwick, Sabrina Gamboa, Stephany Maravilla Front: Brittany Cheek, Jennisse Vann, Johmar Galapon, Jessica Avila, Arden Sanford


Services Offered


  • Orthopedic physical therapy
  • Presurgical & postsurgical care
  • Sports performance
  • Injury care & prevention
  • Biomechanical assessment 
  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization & manipulation
  • Personalized exercises
  • Blood flow restriction therapy

“We truly believe movement is medicine, and we want our patients to believe that too.”

Practice Goal

Our work is all about making our patients’ lives easier and more fulfilling! That is at the core of what we do: optimize function and get people back to moving their best in order to ultimately get back to doing what they love. We truly believe movement is medicine, and we want our patients to believe that too.

The Early Days

SPARC PT was started in 2019 just before the height of COVID-19. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a challenging time, but we believed in bringing a different kind of physical therapy to the community. We wanted to provide individualized care and not be some cookie-cutter mill. We wanted to show patients that physical therapy can be fun, motivating and enlightening. Our goal at SPARC is to spark patients’ journey to rehab.

Team Effort

We have an amazing team consisting of members who are truly passionate about getting patients back to doing what they love. Our team dynamic makes SPARC stand out, with like-minded individuals who take pride in what they do to make sure our patients succeed day in and day out.

Source of Energy

We maintain our energy by acknowledging that what we do creates everlasting change in people’s lives. If we are not passionate about getting patients better, how are patients expected to feel motivated to get better? We need to bring that energy, because that may be the little push a patient needs to want that change for themselves.

Maintaining Health

As the general population gets older, it becomes more imperative to maintain our daily function. Oftentimes we take our health for granted and think we will simply maintain our health—until one day we realize we can no longer do the things we used to do. That’s where SPARC Physical Therapy comes in. We help patients gain back the strength and ability to perform those tasks they have gradually lost over time. 

Who to Trust?

The wellness industry in general is full of advice from both professionals and nonprofessionals. When heeding health advice, see if the statements are evidence-based and have strong support behind them. It would also be beneficial if further logical explanation can be given with the advice.

Wise Words

You can either decide to put in the effort now to live a healthier lifestyle, or you can put in the effort later when you don’t have a choice. Prevent the number of days you may spend in the hospital or the need for surgery in the future by living a healthier lifestyle now.