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    Jennifer Hsu, MD, Remi Ajiboye, MD, Allyson Estess, MD, Peter Borden, MD, Andrew Wassef, MD, Josh Schoenberger, PA, Eric S. Larson, MD

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“One important thought to keep in mind in the prevention of injuries is moderation.”


Sports and Spine Orthopaedic group is a multispecialty full-service practice with two South Bay offices. Our practice is comprised of surgeons who have completed top-rated orthopedic residencies in general orthopedics/trauma as well as an extra year of fellowship training with a specific subspecialty in orthopedic surgery. We also have doctors specializing in pain management and diagnosis of nerve injuries. Our doctors are well-versed in various specialties for treating patients of all ages.

Patient had robot-assisted total knee replacement due to end-stage arthritis of her knee.


Sports and Spine Orthopaedics offers the latest advancements and technologies that have been proven effective in obtaining faster recovery results for all injuries. We specialize in sports medicine arthroscopy procedures (shoulder, knee, hip, ankle), minimally invasive spine and total joint procedures, and endoscopic and arthroscopic hand and wrist procedures. A majority of the more complex surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis.


Our doctors attempt to treat all injuries nonoperatively. However, many problems cannot be solved without surgery. We thoroughly help each patient understand the details of their injury and why we may recommend surgery. Our doctors believe that excellent surgical results are achieved through less invasive procedures, advanced surgical techniques and comprehensive rehabilitation.  

Patient had a herniated disc, causing debilitating pain and weakness. He underwent same-day, minimally invasive artificial disc replacement.


The rehabilitation department of Sports and Spine Orthopaedics is composed of the highest level of physical therapists, who perform individualized, hands-on treatment with all patients. Our doctors frequently prescribe physical therapy for various injuries prior to considering surgical intervention. We cannot overemphasize the importance of physical therapy for achieving the goal of full recovery for any injury. If physical therapy is ineffective in resolving a specific orthopedic problem, surgery may be recommended. The role of our physical therapists after surgery is important to ensure optimal results for our patients. 


One important thought to keep in mind in the prevention of injuries is moderation. The body, as it ages, is less able to handle repetitive stress on the joints and soft tissues. For example, marathon running over time may gradually damage the cartilage in weight-bearing joints, resulting in earlier wear and tear and leading to a higher incidence of arthritis. Prolonged sitting and/or bending at the waist can lead to repetitive stress on the lower back discs, which may induce a higher likelihood of irreversible lower back problems. Overhead throwing activities or racket sports can cause and tears. By performing such repetitive activities in moderation, you may decrease the added stresses on your body and preserve your tissues for an extended period of time—requiring less time in the doctor’s office and more time enjoying work or play without pain.