Summer L. Blake, DDS, MS

A practicing orthodontist for more than 16 years, Dr. Summer Blake earned a Bachelor of Science degree in applied mathematics at UCLA and then attended dental school at UCLA. She went on to complete her orthodontics specialty training at Temple University. She opened her Manhattan Beach practice on June 21, 2010— Summer Solstice, of course! 

Summer Orthodontics specializes in a wide range of orthodontic issues for both children and adults, including crooked teeth, crowding, spacing, protrusion, narrow arch, overbites, under-bites, cross-bites and deep bites. The practice employs leading-edge technologies such as digital scanning, invisible braces, metal braces, clear braces and Invisalign. 

How would your patients describe your approach?

“We work every day to provide a first-class experience for our patients. Based upon the feedback we receive, patients appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of our office. We spend a lot of time and energy to ensure every patient’s time is valued. No one likes waiting to be seen by their doctor, and we don’t like to keep patients waiting!” 

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“Seeing the confidence patients exude from their new smile is really rewarding. However, I also enjoy getting to know each patient throughout their treatment.” 

What would you like our readers to know about your practice?

“At Summer Orthodontics, exceptional results with an outstanding patient experience is our top priority. Every treatment plan is carefully considered to meet the individual goals of our patients. I have built my reputation focusing on the best interest of each patient. As a result, I have been named Best Orthodontist by the Daily Breeze for the last two years and Best of the Beach for orthodontists in the Easy Reader poll over the last four years.

Tell us about your team. 

“I love our team. Not only are they all excellent at their jobs, but they are also caring, friendly and fun. They love getting to know patients (and their families) and genuinely miss them when treatment is completed. Creating beautiful smiles correctly takes teamwork, and I’m proud to say we have the best!” 

What steps do you take to make your office a stress-free zone?

“Promoting a stress-free environment is a key part of the Summer Orthodontics experience. This has never been more important than in our current environment. Beginning with the office design and continuing throughout our processes, each step is focused on patient safety and reducing stress. It is not uncommon for patients to comment on how good it feels to visit our office. There are always activities and contests available for extra fun.” 

How does your practice provide personalized attention to patients? 

“Each patient is unique, so every treatment plan must be custom-tailored to create their ideal smile. We work together with our patients to understand their treatment options and our recommendation. Throughout treatment we monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to achieve ideal results. The fun part is getting to know our patients throughout this process.” 

Tell us about recent developments in the field of orthodontics.

“There is a technological revolution going on throughout our world, and orthodontics is no exception. Orthodontic treatment is now faster, more comfortable and in some cases even invisible. Patients and parents often say, ‘this is not how i remember braces when i was young.’ Our office embraces the best of proven technologies. We use the fastest scanners, most efficient techniques and highest quality materials in all our treatment plans. We offer complimentary consultations to help patients understand their options and our recommended treatment plan.” 

What is your main focus? 

“Delivering the highest-quality treatment is my top priority. Every decision i make is based upon one simple rule: will this decision improve the patient experience?” 

What benefits do children gain from the services summer orthodontics provides?

“The beautiful smiles we create provide a lifetime of confidence to our patients. This confidence carries over into every aspect of their lives. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have such a powerful impact. We take great pride in helping our patients become the best they can be.” 

What inspired you to be an orthodontist?

“While majoring in mathematics, I took a campus job working at the UCLA Dental School. At the time I did not expect a career in the dental field. However, I discovered that the artistic side of my brain combined well with my attention to detail while working with dental models. I decided to apply to the UCLA Dental School and was immediately attracted to orthodontics. There are so many factors that go into creating an individual’s ideal smile. I love finding the right solution for each patient. There is nothing more rewarding than helping patients literally transform their lives through a smile. I love seeing the confidence my patients project.” 

Tell us about your family. 

“I married my husband, Matt, in Manhattan Beach in 2007. We have four wonderful children: daughters Ahnika, Tegan and Winslow and son Briggs. It is a very busy time for our family! Spending time with them is what I like to do most when I’m not at work. I also enjoy a variety of fitness classes, cooking and travel.”