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    Seated: Maria Mizzi, Linda Chollar, Felicia “Onyi” Richards, Kristin Whitelaw; Standing: Laur Berman, Jennefer Moseley, Elizabeth Bell; Floor: Erin Kamada

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Elizabeth Bell and Jennefer Moseley founded The Healing Collective in 2017 to provide a variety of holistic healing and wellness offerings under one roof. The practitioners have decades of combined experience.

What is the intention of The Healing Collective?

“To transform the way people think and feel about health and healing, and to offer an alternative path to wellness that is unique, customized and effective, with a ‘touch of magic.’ Our skilled practitioners consider the entirety of a person’s being when helping clients identify and heal the root causes of illness or imbalance in a safe, supportive and high-vibrational space that is deeply felt. Clients often share they feel at peace the minute they walk through the door and love being here.”

Tell us about your services.

“Our services are unique and noninvasive yet powerful solutions that address healing on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Chronic pain, recent diagnosis, anxiety and trauma are just some of the many health challenges we assist with. Our effective and alternative offerings intentionally complement one another to address the comprehensive and complex needs of men, women, families and corporations.”

What challenges are specific to your industry?

“Communicating our multitude of offerings, how and why they benefit individuals and families, and emphasizing that this is a lifestyle process as opposed to a quick fix. Continuous education to both our community and current clients through our service offerings, workshops and special events—in addition to our newsletter and social media—is key to letting people know that preventative care is a choice that takes equal dedication from the client, the educators and practitioners.”

Why is mindset so important?

Laur Berman, Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP: “Each thought is associated with an image in our subconscious mind that produces an emotional and physical reaction. A positive mindset ensures that our thoughts, emotions and behaviors propel us toward our goals and intentions. My clients achieve positive habits of mind to eliminate worry, doubt, negative self-talk, creating neural pathways that enable confidence and ease.”

How do you support your clients?

Felicia “Onyi” Richards, PureBioenergy Therapist, Sacred Ritualist, Sound Healer: “I detach from anything that doesn’t support healing: ego, negative beliefs, conditioned enablement, insistence on any outcome other than what is for the highest good of all concerned. This practice makes me a clear, precise and powerful channel for energy to flow through and ignite transformative experiences.” Kristin Whitelaw, PhD, CHt, Transformational Angelic Counselor: “By safely and lovingly guiding them with heart-based, spiritual components to understand who they truly are—not who they ‘think’ they should be. Once they connect with their essential self, they discover their internal strength and move out of feeling stuck into a place of joy, purpose and peace.”

What draws clients to PureBioenergy?

Elizabeth Bell, Founding Partner, Certified PureBioenergy Therapist: “Clients often try PureBioenergy when nothing else works. Using precise, noninvasive, gentle protocols, I work with a person’s biofield to produce meaningful and lasting results. PureBioenergy improves or reverses many ailments including anxiety, thyroid, scoliosis, autism, autoimmune, tumors, prostate, high blood pressure and more.”

How do you help people with stress and pain?

Linda Chollar, Coach, CranioSacral and Acupressure Therapist: “Using craniosacral and acupressure is an integrative, holistic approach to relieve stress and pain quickly, calm the nervous system and alleviate anxiety. Sessions are tailored to include lifestyle coaching, posture assessment and hands-on body therapy. Offerings also include small group workshops and posture clinics.”

What is Myofascial Release?

Erin Kamada, Myofascial Release Practitioner: “Myofascial release is a gentle, hands-on therapy that eliminates pain, inflammation, restores flexibility and alignment, allows lasting structural change and a return to daily activities without pain. Sustained pressure is applied allowing the body’s fascial (connective tissue) system to soften, lengthen and release fascial restrictions, the sources of pain, decreasing back/neck pain, pelvic floor, fibromyalgia, TMJ and more.”

Tell us about your approach to healthy eating.

Maria Mizzi, Transformational Nutrition Coach: “It’s time for a new conversation—to stop talking about diets and finally create healthy, permanent change with ease. It’s not just about the food you put in your body; it’s the whole self. Working together, we uncover what you’re really hungry for. With personalized coaching, we co-create a plan for your cell-to-soul health transformation.”

What differentiates best from other methods?

Jennefer Moseley, Founding Partner, Speaker/Educator, Elite Master of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique: “BEST balances the nervous system and also clears stored trauma in the subconscious memory. Most modalities work on the physical body or the energy field, while BEST adjusts the mental, emotional, physical and etheric fields.”