The Hobin Company
at Bayside Real Estate Partners

The Hobin Company is a full-service boutique brokerage company specializing in residential and commercial property with offices in downtown Manhattan Beach as well as Palm Desert. Owned by Molly Hobin Williams and Tom Williams, the firm was started by Molly’s great-grandfather in 1925.

Is there still a market for purchasing vacation homes?

“Vacation homes have been selling like hotcakes since the pandemic hit. People want more space, and since they basically can work from anywhere, more and more people have been buying second homes. We have seen it throughout the South Bay as well as in the Palm Desert market. With interest rates continuing to be at all-time lows, the inventory remains extremely tight as more and more people have been purchasing vacation homes since the beginning of the pandemic in early March.”

How do you help your clients beat the competition?

“We always make sure that our clients have a complete package with a very clean, strong offer. We also do our best to establish a good relationship up-front with the other agent. It is very important that you have a nice working relationship with other agents and that your clients trust you and trust your ability to negotiate on their behalf.”

How has the shift to working remotely impacted the real estate industry?

“The shift to working remotely has definitely impacted the real estate industry, as most people are no longer commuting daily and can now live and work anywhere. We have seen lots of people from all over the country and from other parts of California moving into the South Bay. Why wouldn’t you want to live at the beach, now that you can work remotely?”

In what ways is the real estate industry an emotional business?

“How do you deal with those emotions? Residential real estate is a very emotional business, especially in this very competitive environment. Coming from a commercial real estate background has helped us learn to take the emotions out of every transaction, and we pride ourselves on keeping an even-keel attitude and conducting negotiations without bringing emotions into play.”

What are your favorite ways to unplug when you’re off work?

“Tom and Molly love to golf, ski, play pickleball and spend as much time as possible at their home in Palm Desert. Jaimi played college beach volleyball and professional beach volleyball and still enjoys playing on weekends, as well as spending time with her husband, James. Bailey loves chasing balls.”