The Kondo Group

Above L to R: Back: Shima Razipour, Lisa Martini, Aly Bassanelli Hill, Tadashi Kondo, Noelle Hofmann, Poul Erik Norgaard, Meg Puccinelli. Front: Victoria Brown Paullin, Michelle Nishide, Mora Sepehrnia, Merie Ludena McGrath, Lorena Andrade


The Kondo Group is a full-service real estate team with Compass. Led by Tadashi Kondo since 2014, the team is comprised of 12 agents and staff with more than 60 years of combined experience. The team members have a wide range of backgrounds and degrees. Their expertise spans architecture, the mortgage industry and commercial real estate. The Kondo Group is deeply involved in the community, including the AREAA LA Coastal Chapter—a nonprofit that promotes homeownership in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Tadashi is a board member and agent Michelle Nishide is the organization’s 2022 president.

Why is working with a team beneficial for your clients?

“Working with a cohesive team is truly a benefit, as you get the expertise of a group of people who want you to win! You also get more of a seamless transaction with many people helping you. Real estate transactions can feel overwhelming and intimidating for some, and a team can help alleviate the stress.”

What makes The Kondo Group different from other groups?

“Our team is family-focused. We help families, and we act like a family. We are a unit of people who care for each other and help in any way we can. We are also so proud that we are a multilingual team, fluent in Spanish, French, Farsi, Danish and Japanese.” 

What is your agency known for?

“Compass is a full-service tech real estate company that we are so proud to be with. We were ranked the #1 brokerage in Los Angeles in 2021 by the Los Angeles Business Journal. We have a modern real estate platform that blows any other real estate company out of the water, and we’re changing how agents and clients navigate the home buying and selling process. We’re constantly evolving and pioneering the way forward in real estate.”

What do you love most about your job in real estate?

“Our team unanimously loves that we get to be a part of an exciting new chapter of the lives of our clients, families and friends. Owning a home is truly one of the biggest accomplishments in one’s life, and we are lucky enough to help them achieve their big goals!”

What are the benefits of a career in real estate?

“There are multiple benefits, but above all else, everyone needs shelter and wants to create a home. We get to help people turn big dreams into a reality! Being experts in a field that is such a large part of society not only benefits our inner circle but is also great knowledge to have for our own ambitions. We also meet so many amazing, inspiring people in this field.”

Speak about the level of flexibility required to be successful in this industry.

“The real estate industry doesn’t work a typical 9–5, Monday through Friday workweek. We have to work around our clients’ schedules, which are often outside 9–5. On top of that, the industry has to continually pivot. The pandemic forced us to go virtual—from holding listing presentations on Zoom to helping clients buy homes sight unseen! Luckily, Compass makes the process extremely smooth through their high-tech management capabilities.”

Have you seen a recent increase in first-time home purchases? 

“In 2021 more than half of our buyers were first-time homebuyers! We saw an increase of clients moving out of their apartments and into their first homes, compared to previous years. The pandemic put into perspective what was important to people, especially when many companies offer work-from-home opportunities and people are traveling less.”

Do you think home prices will continue to soar in 2022?

“Experts are predicting that home prices will continue to rise. And we agree! Unless there is a sudden spur of sellers in the market, the competition will continue amongst buyers. There are still too many buyers in Southern California on the hunt for a home than there are available homes. And unfortunately the high prices make it hard for potential sellers to grasp the idea of buying a new home; therefore they stay put.”

Give us some tips for improving curb appeal.

“With Compass Concierge, we’ve been able to help our clients upgrade their homes without spending any money up front before listing it for sale. Some things we always recommend are: updating your landscaping, pressure-washing the exterior, painting the front door or even the whole house, and even new exterior light fixtures. These can make a huge difference on a potential buyer’s first impression.”

What relocation assistance do you offer clients who are new to the area?

“Whenever we have clients who are new to the area, we provide them with a full neighborhood tour—either a car tour or a virtual one. We break down all the neighborhoods in a city so they are well informed.”