The Law Office of Adam N. Schanz & The Law Office of Ann E. Grant

Starting Over

Local law firm helps clients not only get back on their feet but thrive in their new life.

Written by Laura L. Watts | Photographed by Kat Monk

For attorneys with family law practices, it’s been tough watching the changes that this pandemic and resulting shutdown have brought to households. Loss of income, kids out of school, having to quarantine … these stressors have taken a toll on many relationships and marriages, leading to an uptick in the separation and divorce rate and even domestic violence cases. But throughout this unusual time, the powerful team of attorneys Adam N. Schanz and Ann E. Grant didn’t miss a beat.

“We never closed,” shares Adam. “We have been busy and working with clients throughout the shutdown. We’ve been able to achieve exceptional results for our clients throughout these challenging times.”

Adam and Ann joined forces several years ago when they both opened their offices in Manhattan Beach. They bring different skills to the team from their various backgrounds, as well as more than 40 years of combined experience handling family law matters. Adam has extensive trial experience with contentious divorces throughout Southern California for high-profile clients. Ann was a partner at a national law firm before she went through a high-stakes divorce and started her family law practice. Their combined expertise allows them to support their clients and provide them the best possible outcome.

“We support clients as they create a new life for themselves and their families—which is, of course, very challenging during these unprecedented times.”

Ann can relate to what her divorce clients are going through. She went through a very challenging divorce and learned firsthand how to raise three kids as a single mom while running her legal practice. “My purpose is to help clients not just survive divorce, but to obtain what they need to thrive,” Ann shares. “We have a strong network of therapists, financial advisors and career counselors whom we can call on when the need arises. We support clients as they create a new life for themselves and their families—which is, of course, very challenging during these unprecedented times.”

Adam agrees. “We have been busier than ever helping couples navigate the process through the shutdown and start over. The best part of our day is when we get our clients across the ‘finish line’ and are part of their new beginning.”

Ann, Adam and their team practice family law, which in addition to divorce includes child custody and visitation, child support, alimony/spousal support, modification proceedings and prenuptial agreements, among an array of other services. Together, they have been able to help clients achieve favorable results throughout this time both in and out of court, as the courts have been shut down except for emergency matters.

During the shutdown, their law offices have become almost completely paperless. They have implemented technology that allows them to take and defend depositions as well as appear in court virtually when appropriate. “We’ve found that our clients appreciate the efficiency and ease with which even the most hotly contested matters can be handled, given the use of technology,” says Adam.

While they always try to resolve matters cooperatively without resorting to litigation, they are not afraid to go to battle for their clients. And they have the experience from many years in the courtroom to get the job done.

“We have the team in place to provide effective representation in these situations and obtain what we need to protect our clients and their loved ones,” says Ann. “We love complex matters—the messier the better. We have the skills and expertise to handle those cases very effectively.”