Therese De Vos & Kaci Braunecker

505 Salon is a full-service hair salon in upper Hermosa Beach that offers services such as cuts, color, Brazilian blowouts, hair extensions and updo’s in the heart of Hermosa. After working together at a Manhattan Beach salon, Therese De Vos and Kaci Braunecker decided to open 505 Salon in April 2018. Therese has worked in the beauty industry for 22 years and Kaci for 12 years.

Born in Sweden, Therese worked at a modeling agency in Stockholm 20 years ago. She enrolled at the London hair academy Toni & Guy and later worked for a Stockholm salon that serves the Swedish royal family. Five years ago Therese opened her first South Bay salon while raising two young girls.

Kaci was born and grew up in Redondo Beach and received private hair training working with various educators across the U.S. She worked at a local salon while starting her family. She agreed to Therese’s idea of becoming business partners in 2018—even though at the time she was three months pregnant with her second child.

What challenges are specific to your industry?

Therese: “The biggest challenge is that a lot of clients need me when I’m supposed to be taking my kids to school or to other activities or at home making dinner. The trick is to have a great husband, who is supportive.” Kaci: “Keeping up with education. You have to always stay on top of it and only you are responsible for that. Education is something we pride ourselves on. Every stylist in our salon is extremely talented.”

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

Therese: “I think for me it’s being reliable and consistent. Also being disciplined whether it’s 9 a.m. or 7 p.m. Also very important is listening to the client and giving them 100% at all times.” Kaci: “You have to be adaptable. Each client is different, and you have to be able to speak the same language to get the best end result.”

Why did you choose Hermosa Beach for your salon location?

Therese: “Having the right location is so important, and we are in the perfect part of Hermosa—just a walk up from the beach but far enough up from the pier where there is plenty of parking.” Kaci: “Clients can feel the calm, and they also get the privacy they love.”

How has having a mentor influenced you professionally?

Therese: “I thank my parents in this case. They were great role models for me in so many ways. My dad owned his own business and was a self-starter, hard worker and fearless. My mother was the hardest worker and so dedicated to her job and career. It really inspired me to do the same.”

How do you ensure that your team performs at the top of their game?

Kaci: “I have found I have the best communication and understanding of our team when I have taken the time to really get to know them and have a relationship with them. It makes it more fun to grow together.”

Who are some Women in Business you admire?

Therese: “Locally we have many businesses owned by woman, and I especially admire any woman who has children and manages to juggle it all. It’s not easy running a business and taking care of your family at home all at the same time and still making it work.”

When did you first consider working in your industry?

Kaci: “First and foremost in my life was being a mom, so I chose a career that I knew would allow me to do both and have a flexible schedule for my children. But I had no idea I would develop a passion for it like I have now. I am very lucky!”

What projects do you support to help those in need?

Therese: “I always support the local schools by donating services every year to be auctioned off, hoping to help those local schools raise much-needed extra funding.”

What could women be doing to better advance their careers?

Kaci: “Being self-motivated, never giving up and believing you can do anything.”

What is the best part of your day?

Therese: “Best part is coming home, tired but happy, seeing my kids and my husband and sharing our daily stories over dinner.”

Tell us about your ideal day off.

Therese: “My favorite thing to do on my day of is sleep in, go for a hike, meet a friend for sushi and shop for some fun new clothes. Locally of course!”