Describe the featured project.

This is the second home we have designed and built for these clients. It was easy for them to trust our design and construction team after having such a positive experience with their initial home.

This corner lot allowed for some creative architecture to capture the amazing ocean views. The top floor has an open floor plan with expansive use of glass doors and windows that makes you feel you are just a few feet away from your own private sunset. The central floating staircase is the focal point of the interior, extending through all levels of the home. We gave this home a clean, open feeling, maximizing the use of space and capturing views in every way possible.


Tell us about the services you offer.

Since our inception over three decades ago, Tomaro has maintained the highest standard of excellence in design and construction while committing to complete client satisfaction. We want our clients to feel as comfortable with their buildings as they do with us. We believe that clients deserve respect, reassurance and professionalism and that listening carefully to them and responding to their needs results in the most successful projects.

We recognize that a well designed and constructed building can make an enormous impact on its occupants. We have the capacity and ambition to bring innovative design off the page and into the built environment, and we appreciate our clients who give us the opportunity to do so.

We offer a full range of architectural and construction services. Our cutting-edge 3D and visual technologies allow our clients to take a virtual tour of their home while it is still in the design phase, allowing for a more accurate perception of space and materials when constructed. Our full-service design/build option allows for contractor involvement early in the architectural process, allowing for better execution of design intent, material selections and budget control.

What are your favorite sources of inspiration in your work?

Our clients are our biggest source of inspiration. Just as no two sites are alike, no two clients are alike. Typically clients come to us with a desired program and design style. We then take their wish list and create a home that is innovative, creative and stands out with its own architectural identity.

Describe some ways you seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

Connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces is one of the most important design criteria our firm utilizes, along with the use of natural light and open floor plans. Expansive door systems that pocket into walls and open floor plans to make the seamless transition from interior to exterior is a common theme for our designs. Often we will run the same materials from the inside of the home to the exterior, blurring the line between the two.  Selecting the right materials is critical to success.

What changes have you made since the pandemic began?

We are primarily working remotely, and Zoom meetings are our new favorite interaction with clients. This transition has given us the ability to show off great 3D graphics. We have seen an increase in the desire of our clients to build vacation homes where their families can bond and take a break from their fast-paced everyday lives. We are currently working on vacation homes in Montana, Arizona and Colorado.