TravelStore is an employee-owned company established in 1975. Their nine locations offer leisure and business travel arrangements. The 32 professional travel consultants located in the Palos Verdes office have a combined average of 24 years experience. The company has won numerous awards and is a top member of the prestigious Signature Travel Network. TravelStore was recently recognized as “Most Trusted International Travel Agency – Los Angeles” by the​ Lux Hospitality Awards and regularly receives accolades in publications like Travel Weekly and Business Travel Weekly.

“Each journey we take is an adventure that opens our eyes to the wonders of our world, its intriguing cultures, its amazing landscapes and peoples. Every unique destination we visit changes us is some way.”

What is TravelStore doing that is innovative?

“Our intimate knowledge and personal insider connections allow us to provide you VIP treatment that may include upgrades, bonus savings, spending credits, complimentary meals, exclusive privileges, top-rated guides and more. Our free travel app gives you mobile access to your itinerary and customized content.”

Tell us about the most important lesson you’ve learned about travel.

“Each journey we take is an adventure that opens our eyes to the wonders of our world, its intriguing cultures, its amazing landscapes and peoples. Every unique destination we visit changes us is some way. Not only do we discover the destination, we also discover something about ourselves. The experiences we encounter enrich us and help define who we are. Travel allows us the privilege of being a citizen of the world.”

Any advice for women going into your line of work?

“Being part of the travel industry is a wonderful way to enrich other’s lives and fulfill your own wanderlust. The job requires incredible attention to detail, along with the ability to think outside the box. You will learn something new every day. Travel can be extremely challenging—and extremely rewarding.”

Where do you find most of your new business leads?

“Referrals from happy clients! One leads to another, and to another …”

How do you give back to the community?

“We have a Community Support Program at TravelStore. Many of our staff are active volunteers with local organizations. We are able to support their efforts through travel donations and sponsorship of numerous fundraising events.”

What would you like potential clients to know about your business?

Gail Woloz: “I am an enthusiast of experiential travel, incorporating authentic opportunities, meaningful experiences and unforgettable moments into the trips I plan. From African wildlife safaris to authentic encounters in India, South America, Europe and everywhere in between, I make sure my clients get below the surface of a destination to connect deeply and meaningfully with the local people and their culture.”

Pam Jacobs: “I would like them to know that the travel business is alive and well. I specialize in luxury travel. When my clients arrive at their hotel, they are treated like rock stars. I know the general managers of many top European hotels, and they are happy to VIP my clients. I create a good ‘fit’ for people on cruises, hotels and or tours. Most often people do not realize that a travel agent will get you a much better vacation experience and at a much better value.”

How has your life experience contributed to who you are today professionally?

Laverne Kilgore: “Over the years, I have developed important industry contacts that are most helpful. I use my disciplined work habits, honesty and professionalism to complete travel arrangements for my clients with happy results and repeat travels. This determination is in part attributed to my years as an executive assistant to several corporate executives who required perfection in detail to all assignments.”

How important is the relationship between you and your clients?

Maike Cenci: “Very important! I listen carefully to learn their expectations and interests. No two dream vacations are alike—just like no two individuals are alike. In working closely through the years, many loyal clients have become very dear friends.”

What is the #1 way you support your clients?

Marilyn Hove: “We are your advocates before, during and after your trip. We offer value and experience beyond what most people can do for themselves.”

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