Treasures Interior Design


Be bold with your choices! Look at these pendants: The style. The statement they make. Look how they mix with the black steel cabinets, the three-dimensional ceiling and the texture of the white brick. We love this kitchen!


Ahhh. This space under the custom pergola is an invitation to get comfy and relax. Carrying indoor elements outside—the white brick creates cohesion. Distinct but fluid kid and adult areas let everyone experience the fun of the outdoors!

Create a focal point. This solid oak floating staircase is its own masterpiece in the center of the home. Find materials that showcase natural beauty. The character of the grain and the varying coloration of the wood make this structure a piece of art.

Opt for design elements that do double duty in small spaces. The tall, narrow vanity mounted on the bathroom counter is aesthetically beautiful and provides needed storage.

Headshot photographed by Siri Berting