Valerie Anne McDonald

Valerie Anne McDonald has been a veteran of the real estate industry for 42 years. She joined NW Real Estate Brokers in 2000.

What is your specialty service?

“I have a broad range of experience in the industry. I started working in real estate when I was in college and haven’t stopped.

Some of my specialties are residential listing and sales, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, estates/trusts, foreclosures, short sales and asset management, to name a few.”

Tell us a recent success story.

“My two most recent clients—one buying, one leasing—both wanted to live closer to their families. Both obtained the homes without physically seeing the properties! It was such a new way for someone to acquire a property—virtual showings are fun! Both families now are closer to their loved ones and in their new homes.”

What challenges are specific to your industry?

“We’re masking, we’re disinfecting, we’re limited to showings, we’re required to have each person sign disclosures to even walk through a home now, and we have limited entry on open houses. Practicing social distancing for any real estate extrovert is grueling!”

Describe the role of mentorship in your career.

“Often I see young women or men in jobs that they are way too smart to be in. When they express interest in what I do, I extend mentorship to them (I have done three thus far). Real estate mentorships are long—two years minimum. I continue to reach out to people who are interested in learning and growing in the real estate industry.”

Tell us about your support system.

“I am very fortunate to have amazing friends—some who are women in business and others who are not—who support me. Many women are juggling multiple responsibilities: family, work, friends, church, self-care, social commitments, passions. We need to be reminded to focus on our priorities and that if we need help, our friends are there for us. This has been a critical part of my success.”

What vacation destination are you dreaming of?

“I am not a big traveler, but Iceland. I want to see the Northern Lights in full bloom.”

What is your #1 piece of advice during this unprecedented time?

“As a person of faith, I would say have peace and rest. These are transitionary times, and fear is your worst enemy. God is in control.”