Vibrancy Wellness

Services Offered

  • Functional medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping therapy
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Red light therapy
  • Root cause medicine

“Education is key to empowering my patients.”


In my 20s, I bounced from one specialist to the next with no resolution of my poor health. I really wanted to get pregnant and had been trying for years, but I was told it was highly unlikely. I felt hopeless. I knew there had to be a better way. 

After years of struggling, I saw an acupuncturist who rebalanced my entire body and prescribed Chinese herbs that made me feel like Wonder Woman. I also saw a functional medicine doctor who corrected my nutritional deficiencies and taught me how to live optimally. I regained my youth and vitality, got pregnant easily and had two beautiful babies: my son, Ezekiel, now age 12, and my daughter, Azyrah, 14.

My life drastically changed for the better, and I felt inspired to help others. Since I was helped by both Chinese medicine and functional medicine, I decided to study both modalities in order to offer integrative care in my own practice. 

My space doesn’t feel like a typical doctor’s office. I’ve created a little slice of serenity for my patients so they feel at ease during treatments. My own experience and understanding makes me a compassionate guide for others and their healing journey.


Food is powerful medicine. The simplest advice that everyone can benefit from is to eat more whole foods and focus on intuitive eating rather than being restrictive. You can choose to eat unhealthy foods that create disease or you can fuel your body to prevent illness.


My mission is to provide compassionate individualized health care and education that inspires my patients to strive for overall wellness. Education is key to empowering my patients. I go over all of their labs to ensure they understand what is happening in their bodies. I thoroughly explain their individualized treatment plan before sending them off to begin their healing journey. My therapies utilize natural healing methods to strengthen the body and remain in balance, thereby achieving optimal health and longevity. 


I practice what I preach so my patients can see how I live vibrantly. Balance is key. I eat clean so I can enjoy wine with dinner or margaritas on a fun night out. I include regular play time with my kids to balance my work life. I stay active physically to keep me mentally sharp. I practice yoga and meditation to fight off stress. I strive for healthy sleep to keep me energized. And I get into nature regularly to feed my soul and help keep me grounded.