Reuben Rumble

Four local sandwiches battle it out for deli dominance.


1. The Original Rinaldi’s

El Segundo

Lean pastrami, mustard, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on sliced rye

“Reuben,” $8.98

Andy: Yellow mustard was a plus.

Andrea: Perfect amount of meat.

Bryan: Like you would make at home with Aloha.

Average Score (10 the highest): 9


2. Billy’s Deli & Café


Corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye

“Billy’s Reuben,” $11.50

Bryan: Unruly and messy … perfect.

Andrea: Love Thousand Island dressing.

Andy: It would destroy an appetite!

Average Score: 7.3


3. The Kettle

Manhattan Beach

Smoked ham, Swiss cheese, roast turkey, coleslaw and Thousand Island dressing served on hand-sliced corn rye 

“The Original Reuben (1914),” $12.95

Andrea: Not too greasy.

Andy: Toasted perfect.

Bryan: Petite and neat.

Average Score:  5


4. Ashley’s Deli

Hermosa Beach

Cracked pepper turkey, melted pepper jack, Thousand Island dressing and krelish on marble bread

“Hermosa Reuben,” $7.99

Bryan: Marble bread is eye-catching.

Andrea: Loved the spice and sweetness.

Andy: Turkey is an overall healthy choice.

Average Score: 6.3


The Judges:

Andy Olvera

Fire captain, Torrance


Andrea Plsek

Owner, Doubletake, Hermosa Beach


Bryan Murphy

Real estate broker and developer, Manhattan Beach

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