Road to Condition

South Bay locals share secrets to maintaining a sound body, mind and spirit … and having a blast doing it.

Diane Frederic

Manhattan Beach | Long-distance Runner & Triathlete

“I run because it’s fun, and it feels good. It feels good in my head, and it feels good in my body. Every run is different for me—the smells, the sights, the things that I think about and the physical challenges that I face. Running longer distances is a different personal challenge—a test of the physical and the mental at the same time. A 50- or 100-mile trail run is obviously physical, but it is arguably a tougher mental challenge. I think it’s a pretty basic instinct to push yourself to new limits just to remind yourself that you can. Allowing myself to find that personal ‘edge’ gives me a confidence that can be applied to any other aspect in my life.”


Adam Buckley

Hermosa Beach | Champion Paddleboarder

“Paddling has a long history in the South Bay. I remember when I was a kid hearing stories of the older surfers we looked up to doing an event that sounded completely crazy—the Catalina Classic—the 32-mile paddleboard race from Catalina to the Manhattan Beach Pier. It sounded like Everest to me, and I knew I wanted to do it some day. When I finally started paddling, I was surprised at how much fun it was and how devoted a following it had with athletes and people who love the ocean. There’s an amazing group of local paddlers who train all summer and motivate each other to get in the water and get your miles in to prepare for the Classic. Sometimes it’s hard waking up at the crack, but there’s no better feeling when you’re heading to work in the morning having already spent two hours in the ocean and sun, getting some exercise, seeing some dolphins and chatting with some buddies.”


Toby Kamish

Manhattan Beach | Student at You Can Dance Studio

“I enjoy ballroom dancing because
it’s fun, good exercise and a great
way to express myself.”


Susan Calcott

Palos Verdes | Student of Torrance memorial center for Healthy living at malaga cove

“Tai chi is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am almost 70 years old and have been hyperactive all of my life. This class gives me peace, balance, strength and focus. Recently, I fell down some stairs. The emergency physician looked at the radiographs and was astonished that there were no broken bones in my food or ankle. He complimented me for having strong bones. The practice helped. Did I mention it’s also fun?”


Julie Rader

Redondo Beach | Yoga Instructor

“Yoga literally means yoke or union … the union of the body, mind, spirit and breath. We embraced the importance of the union at Salutation Nation. Imagine how peaceful our world would be if all communities gathered to collectively meditate on a regular basis.”








Captain Brian Grebbien

Hermosa Beach | Hermosa Beach Fire Department

“Serving our community is physically and mentally demanding, and it’s imperative that we stay in great physical shape. We like to design our exercise program for job-specific demands. In doing this, we can be safe, efficient and mentally prepared. The camaraderie benefits of exercising together are priceless in this line of work. Teamwork on emergency calls is of utmost importance to being efficient and effective in managing any crisis. When we work out together, we are more motivated to complete our workouts. And it’s also fun and important to our day-to-day operations.”


Josh Kepler

Manhattan Beach | Avid Mountain Biker

“Since I moved to California, I’ve loved getting to know the trails and the great riders who are responsible for keeping them maintained and accessible. I commute by bike to Helen’s Cycles in Manhattan Beach, where I work. I love working with all different types of riders, from kids taking their training wheels off to hard-core racers. A lot of people I help, who get fitted on a new mountain bike, are looking for a fun, durable and versatile bike that they can ride down the beach to get brunch on a Sunday morning but still take to the trails around Palos Verdes or on vacation to Big Bear. Mountain biking is great because it can be competitive or serene. You can make it a solitary challenge to ride a difficult trail or find social satisfaction by joining a club and planning a trip for your friends.”

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