Ryann, Lawrence and Robynn Ree

Meet these Redondo Beach siblings and golfers … three teens on course for a bright future.

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    Alex Thurnher

While there are many traditions in the Ree family, golf certainly ranks high on the list. From an early age, Kenneth and Helen Ree brought their children to the golf range three evenings per week after they enjoyed a dinner of Hakata Ramen and Chodang Tofu to provide energy for the late-night outings. Robynn, Lawrence and Ryann, students at Redondo Union High School, currently log 15 to 20 practice hours a week.

Though Kenneth now only acts as spectator to his kids’ activity, he remains their biggest fan and attends every tournament. All three now rigorously train with new coaches, and the night golf rituals of their younger years have been replaced with late-night homework.

Competition between the Rees is a tradition in itself. The three describe their sibling rivalry with humor. “It’s all been done,” they say. They also share a love for history at school, so it should come as no surprise that they desire to make their own. While each excels on the green, the siblings value their differences. While Ryann casually and humbly discusses top college programs of interest, Lawrence reveals a desire to be a chef. Robynn, the youngest and only girl, looks forward to her freshman year at Redondo Union and expresses an admiration for golfers who win by being precise. Already sinking three holes-in-one, Robynn’s brothers admit she has the best stroke. But that didn’t stop from Lawrence whispering to his mother, “Mine is pretty good.”

Under the guidance of their high school coach, John Burke, Ryann is currently training a couple days a week at the local YMCA to become an overall better athlete and golfer.  He reveals his best hole came during a practice round in Boston, where he took two strikes with a driver to nab the albatross, also known as a double eagle. Recently, Lawrence won a junior all-star tournament in Santa Barbara. Both Lawrence and Ryann have their eyes on making state this year. Last year Ryann was the only high school player in CIF to compete at the regional competition that precedes state. 

These South Bay kids still find time in their busy schedules to hang out with friends, shop at Del Amo or knock down a few pins at the local alley. While they may not keep track of their bowling scores, the tallies on the golf course are reason enough to keep your eye on the exceptional teens.