Second Time Around

How to re-gift, delight recipients and not get caught.

Let’s be honest, I’ve done it. We’ve all done the no-no of re-gifting a gift we didn’t want. If we all do it, why can’t we just admit this is a new world of gift-giving and let go of all this guilt?  


Below are five tips to follow in this new age of re-gifting:


Never admit that your gift is indeed re-gifted. Take that secret to the grave! Unless they flat-out ask you, “Didn’t I give you one of these a few years ago?” That’s when you smile and say, “Oh! Yes! I liked it so much, I got you one!” Saved.



Always make sure the re-gifted gift looks brand new.  Damaged, dented and dusty gifts, from lying in your closet for nine years, just won’t do. Wrap the gift with pretty bows and ribbons … because if the “cover” looks great, the gift inside is always considered more precious.



Never re-gift something that was hand-made or made you gasp upon opening the gift. Unless you really can’t stand this person or are giving a gift simply out of fear or inner-family rebellion. Then okay to proceed.



Inspect every inch of the gift before you wrap it. Every teeny, tiny inch. Especially books. I re-gifted an adorable book that on the inside page had a lovely letter to my 5-year-old from his grandmother. Boy, did I feel fantastic after that phone call.



When receiving a gift, even if it’s re-gifted, remember that when someone spends time thinking of you, wrapping a present and delivering it to you, you should feel honored. Say thank you, remove the tags and store it in the closet for the next re-gifting!


Laurie is an award-winning columnist, motivational speaker and author of The CEO of the House. She lives in Manhattan Beach. 
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