Seeing Red

Treasures Interior Design in Manhattan Beach

Toward the end of winter, I want a little somethin’-somethin’ to keep me interested, wake me up … and red is just the thing. Splashes of color are always a great idea—elegant and a little unexpected—but red is the cheeky queen. She’s bold and confident and never lets you forget she’s in the room. Think Christian Louboutin and his shoes. From small touches to covering the walls in paint, here are ways to design with shades of red to keep things interesting. Arrange a dozen apples or pomegranates in a pretty bowl to create a centerpiece on your kitchen table. Flowers, flowers, flowers … need I say more? Add small but unusual red accessories to a neutral room. (top left) The shape and color of the lights and teapot pop on the gray palette. And for the truly daring, paint a room red! The walls add warmth and depth and complement the soft textures and colors in the rest of the room. So introduce a little red in your space— then go out and paint the town!

Valerie Sartini is the owner of Treasures Interior Design in Manhattan Beach.

For more of her gift giving ideas, visit her blog at

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