Shane Andrews, PhD

LMU communications professor, kitchen designer and mom

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Valmonte, Palos Verdes

How long at this current home?

It will be four years in April when we began the construction. We didn’t move in until Christmas Eve though.

Who lives here?

My husband, Chris, and my three daughters.

How would you describe the style of your home?

I love Nantucket style, so that’s what I’m shooting for. Lots of white and pretty antiques.

Did you employ any help with its interior design?

No, it’s our hobby to rebuild and remodel homes. This is the fourth home that Chris and I have rebuilt from the ground up.

What’s your favorite room in the home, and why?

The kitchen. Chris and I spent so much time designing it so it would be just right. We pored over the details in layout and design, tracking down the right appliances, deliberating over the countertops, even finding the cabinets direct
from the millworker. And we love it! It turned out perfect. We spend so much time in here cooking with our kids and entertaining our friends. It’s the heart of our house.

Minimalism or the more the merrier?

Minimalism! I’m constantly giving things away. Too much stuff makes me anxious.

Any special attachments to a piece of art in the home?

We just inherited an oil portrait of sea captain Ebenezer Lombard Davis that has been in my husband’s family for 200 years. Ebenezer looks so much like my husband it’s uncanny.

How about other furniture or décor?

Our Quatrine couch. When my husband and I finally sit and spend some time together after getting the kids to bed, it’s hard to get out of it most evenings!

Neutrals or color for your preferred palette?

Neutrals. Our life is so busy that we need a calming environment to come home to.

What will never make its way into your home?

Shiplap. While it’s pretty and fun, I try to avoid anything too trendy. And artificial food coloring and those awful plastic toys from the dollar store.

Do you like to entertain at home or prefer to enjoy on your own?


What keeps you living there?

I grew up in Palos Verdes and love the tight community. We are surrounded by people we know and love.

If you could change one thing at the home, what would it be?

Our last project is a master suite, which we are hoping to start in the next couple of weeks. It would be great if that was already completed.

What should every home have?

I’m an environmentalist, so I’d love to see every home have solar panels and a grey water system.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

Provence, France. All that lavender and butter!


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