Shaping Up

South Bay boys and their best boards.

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    Stefan Slater

The South Bay’s coolest board shapers gather for a photo op and show-and-tell with their finest creations.


1. Minnow 

starting at $400 

Designer: Mark Brog

Soul Performance, 2215½ Artesia Blvd. in Redondo Beach
310-370-1428  |

This fish is best in smaller conditions, especially during the summer. It’s an ideal entry-level board that, as Mark says, is “easy up front, and performance out the back.” The wood veneer finish is a specialty feature that adds durability and flexibility to the board. 


2. CA-2 (Barahona)



3. CA-2 (Wheatley)


Designers: James Wheatley and Jose Barahona

Becker Surfboards, 301 Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach
310-372-6554   |

“This is what I ride,” says Jose about the Greg Briggs model. It’s a true high-performance longboard—it offers a stable platform for nose riding, while also being extremely maneuverable. The CA-2 is one of Becker’s most popular models in the South Bay, chiefly because it can be ridden in a wide variety of wave conditions. 


4. Wizzards’ Wand 

starting at $525 

Designer: Ian Wright

Aftermath Surfboards, 18030 S. Figueroa St., Suite A , in Gardena
310-715-2714 |

This is a board that Ian’s been tinkering with for a while. “It’s a high-performance hybrid,” says Ian, a sort-of cross between a fish and a shortboard with a round tail that can be ridden in all conditions. 


5. The Twin

starting at $495 with glass-on fins

Designer: Dennis Jarvis

Spyder Surf, 2461 Pacific Coast Hwy. in Hermosa Beach 
310-374-8276  | 

“ brought the soul of the board into the new millennium,” says Dennis about this perfect summertime board. The Twin is a replica of the board Dennis shaped that was on the cover of Surfer magazine in 1982.


6.Craftsman Noserider with resin color 


Designer: Tyler Hatzikian

Tyler Surfboards, 212 Eucalyptus Dr. in El Segundo
310-322-6861  |

“This is a specialty board that’s designed to achieve the longest nose ride you possibly can get,” says Tyler. It’s inspired by classic old-school board designs, and he’s been working on this particular design for 20 years. It’s best in ankle-high to head-high waves.