Sharkie Zartman

Meet the inspiring Hermosa Beach resident who unleashed her inner shark—first as volleyball champion, then author, and now radio host.

It was interesting, growing up, being named after a killer fish,” says Sharkie Zartman (her real name is Charleen) of the nickname her father gave her as a kid. “Especially when I was at the beach in the water and my sister would come down and yell my name when it was time to go home. Watching people scream and scramble out of the water was a common occurrence.”

Sharkie grew up in Manhattan Beach. “I used to walk up and down the beach looking for volleyball games,” she remembers. Even when sports weren’t popular for girls, Sharkie’s parents gave their daughter the support and encouragement to do whatever she wanted to go after. “My husband Pat was my first club coach, and he took someone with very little skill and discipline and trained me to become a champion in the sport,” she shares. “Because of his coaching, I was able to play at UCLA on their first national championship team, made the World University Games and eventually also made the U.S. national team.

Now a full-time professor at El Camino College in the areas of health, fitness and yoga, Sharkie has also coached volleyball at El Camino for 10 years, leading her teams to two state titles and nine conference titles. She was the “coach of the year” for nine years. When her daughters were born, both she and Pat retired from coaching and focused on teaching and their family … well, until their daughters started to get interested in volleyball. “They wanted to play, so we started a club team. We went back into coaching volleyball for 12 more years and won four national titles,” she shares.

But Sharkie’s successes don’t end at the net. Inspired by the athletes and students she worked with, she wrote the book Shark Sense. “I started to realize that there are several life principles that are important for success that Pat and I always emphasize—things like being authentic, focused, tough, persistent, etc.” she says. “I want to leave readers with a sense of empowerment and be able to always say to themselves, `Oh Yes I CAN!’”


Sharkie says, “Instead of swimming with the sharks, why not BE one.”
1. Swim past the critics and naysayers.
2. Keep moving forward—sharks don’t swim backwards and neither should you.
3. Stop settling for less and start living your life with confidence and purpose
4. Don’t quit on your dream until you get what you want or something better!

You can listen to Sharkie every Friday at 10 a.m. on the HealthyLife.Net Radio Network, the only South Bay 24/7 talk radio network. Tune in at

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