Something Fishy

Tacos abound in the South Bay, but some eateries get extra creative when it comes to the popular fish variety.


Ortega 120

Redondo Beach

Tacos de Atun Crudo (ahí poke-style yellowfin tuna, roasted corn, mango, cilantro, red bell pepper, chile oil, guacamole and crisp taco shells) 

Erika: Perfect blend of spicy, smoky—and love the cilantro and corn.

Janette: The tortilla is flaky and crunchy and not too over-fried.

Jeff: Has a kick but doesn’t overwhelm the flavor.

Average Score (10 the highest): 9

Project Taco

Hermosa Beach

The Lox (smoked salmon, homemade veggie cream cheese, cucumber, onion, tomato and cilantro on a soft tortilla)

Jeff: Fresh and non-traditional.

Janette: The softness of the fish and cream cheese is balanced out by the other ingredients.

Erika: A little too salty for my preference. 

Average Score: 5

Hot’s Kitchen

Hermosa Beach

Spicy Tuna (raw tuna, enoki mushrooms, seaweed salad, sesame seeds and a soft corn tortilla) 

Janette: The tortilla is delicious and tastes homemade.

Jeff: Spicy!

Erika: The texture is just right and moist.

Average Score:  8


Manhattan Beach

Baja Fish Tacos (beer batter fried fish, cabbage, pico de gallo, Cotija cheese, taco sauce and avocado cream on a soft tortilla) 

Erika: The fresh salsa adds just the right spiciness.

Janette: Love the cabbage mix. Refreshing and makes for a delicious slaw.

Jeff: It’s a really good version of what you might expect from a fish taco.

Average Score: 8


The Judges:

Jeff Berting, Photographer, Manhattan Beach

Erika Carrion, Sales account manager, Hermosa Beach

Janette Rodriguez-Pack, High school principal, Hermosa Beach
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