Southbay Noir

Only her fashion wasn’t a crime.






















(Left) He fell under her spell, never once suspecting something sinister behind that cool façade.
(Right) He tried to pull the gun away from her, but a single shot proved his efforts were in vain. Tonight he would witness her final sunset.

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Social Scene

Setting the Scene

St. Francis Episcopal Church hosted its 11th annual “Designs for Dining,” raising money for the church’s Outreach Scholarship Fund. Featured were entertaining ideas and 34 imaginative theme table designs by local merchants, parishioners and friends.

Oil & Water

What keeps Hermosa … Hermosa? This question has sparked much soul-searching among those debating the prospect of oil drilling in the city. Some champion a financial windfall; others lament environmental risks and potential loss of character. The tradeoffs are real, and
with $1 billion and the fate of the South Bay in the balance,
the stakes are higher than ever.


Fresh Beginnings

Recreating life and love in a revised Manhattan Beach abode.

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