Steve Deming

For the South Bay broker, cowboy and poet,
“the best thing for inside of a man is the outside of a horse.”

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    Jacqueline Renfrow

At the age of 35, Steve Deming joined the premier real estate company CB Richard Ellis, Inc., and 35 years later he serves as the company’s first vice president. Being in real estate challenges his creative and instinctive efforts on a daily basis. But the role also requires the reliable, predictable and dependable skills he developed on the trail as a cowboy.

“I can walk into any environment in boots, a buckle and hat, and anyone who sees me will know that I am serious about something,” says Deming about his cowboy persona. When not in the office, he relishes travel to remote locations, riding through spectacular scenery and ending his days playing music around the campfire.

But this executive-turned-cowboy has yet another side: poet. His dream to write began at age 11, when he wanted to buy a card for Mother’s Day but was short on cash, so he decided to write poetry instead. His recent book, The Source is his latest anthology and follow-up to his 2009 CD “Poems on the Trail.”

“I write about things that confront us emotionally along the trail of life and the trails that we ride as cowboys,” he shares. “Some are true stories; some are fictional poetic recreations of anecdotes that have come to me.”

About 30 years ago, on one of his Catalina rides, he found that he was successful in creating music and poetry. And now as el presidente of the Catalina ride, he continues to create and now plays the harmonica as he enjoys the open trail. But it seems to be his humor that keeps him grounded, which is apparent when Deming says that he rehearses poems while riding, and his “horse will object, but not often.”

Deming was born at Centinela Hospital in Inglewood. “There is a distinct possibility of me being born and dying in the same hospital,” he adds, after he jokes that he was probably at Centinela before any other person in the hospital. He lives with Sherrie, his 44-year-old surfer fiancé, in Redondo Beach. They keep their horses at the Empty Saddle Club in Rolling Hills Estates. He quips, “Where else can one live on the beach and have your horse nearby with 75 miles of trails to ride with your friends?”