Stress-Free Delivery

A massage therapist at your door in about an hour? Yes, please.

In the age of instant, app-friendly services like Uber and Airbnb, there’s a new platform hoping to make a digital dent on the spa market. Say hello to, a company that allows you to book a top-notch massage therapy session on the same day with as little as 60 minutes notice.

Knotted up sitting at the desk all day? Or maybe you and your partner just need some combined time to unwind. No matter the reason for relaxation, this unique home experience has you covered.

Currently has more than 300 therapists who serve the greater LA area, with many located right here in the South Bay. These people are the real deal … highly trained, certified, insured practitioners who are willing to travel to offer their incredible service.

It’s all pretty straightforward. Sign up online or via the app and book the massage of your choice: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or Couples and lengths of 60, 90 or 120. You pick the gender, the time and the location. Like Uber, all gratuity and tax is included so there’s no additional transaction beyond the booking. Easy as one, two, breathe.

Check them out at or upload the app on Apple iTunes.



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