Sublime Simplicity

Residence 04 in Manhattan Beach, designed by Redondo beach architect Allen Wix, is a striking example of this aesthetic, merging classic Cap Cod inspired design elements with a customized layout that is at once spacious and intimate.

As a Southern California native I may be biased, but I personally feel that nowhere are the elements more alive than at the beach. Here, earth, air, water and the occasional bonfire converge so fluidly as to render the very atmosphere electric.

Taking that bias even further, I dare say that nowhere do the homes pay such tribute to that phenomena as right here in the South Bay, where many homeowners display a taste for simple, elemental architecture that melds with the seascape, and interior design that marries impeccable textures and materials with a casual, eclectically earthy vibe that is the heart and soul of beach culture.

Residence 04 in Manhattan Beach, designed by Redondo beach architect Allen Wix, is a striking example of this aesthetic, merging classic Cap Cod inspired design elements with a customized layout that is at once spacious and intimate. Drawing inspiration from his own Southern California upbringing, interior designer Jeff Andrews of Jeff Andrews Design created interiors that marry warm, inviting colors with an airy, contemporary design sensibility that is undeniably born of this region.

Andrews has more than ten years of experience creating entirely one-of-a-kind interiors in homes all over the world. With a roster of clients that includes actors Michael C. Hall and America Ferrera, his signature style incorporates the use of soothing monochromatic palettes, plush materials and both modern and quality vintage art pieces that impart his homes with a timeless, lived-in quality. His interiors display a contemporary feel that is never cold but, rather, natural and organic, due in no small part to Andrews’ own custom-designed lighting and furniture that lends a very personal spirit to his work.

According to Andrews, the goal in designing the interiors of Residence 04 was to create a modern, inviting beach house that everyone could feel comfortable in. He knew that it needed to be clean and masculine yet not over designed, which is a common pitfall for homes of this genre. In this regard, the choice of materials was pivotal. He notes, “We used beautiful and quality materials throughout the home to give it substance and depth without being overly extravagant.” Among these are quarter sawn oak floors, stacked stone fireplaces with reclaimed teak mantels, solid walnut cabinetry in the kitchen, reclaimed brick in the pub, and hand-glazed tile as well as custom glass mosaics in the kitchens and bathrooms. The end result is a finely crafted home that has a sense of history, which Andrews concedes can be a challenge to achieve in a new construction such as Residence 04.

Andrews’ artistry can be found in almost every corner of the home, as he designed almost all of its furniture, cabinetry, windows and moldings. A simple beach aesthetic was maintained nonetheless, and that is what is so amazing about the space. For all of its sophistication it is entirely carefree – the sort of home that Gidget’s pal the Big Kahuna might have settled into if any of his worldly travels rendered him the means to graduate from beach shack to bona fide waterfront real estate. I received a confirmation that this perception was on point when Andrews informed me that many of the abstract paintings and pottery that grace the space are actually from the ’50s and ’60s. Street lamps from 1910 were repurposed as pendant lights in the living room and staircase, further conveying that this is a home for one who moves through the world with a decidedly bohemian, almost itinerant curiosity.

In the end, this ability to impart a home with the design sensibility that one is known for while also maintaining a sense of the individuals who will inhabit it is Andrews’ crowning achievement time and time again, and especially here. The warm glow of the woods and ample natural light in the kitchen reverberates with the echoes of casually enjoyed meals and conversation, while an effortlessly studied arrangement of wildflowers and driftwood on the dining room table speaks of the sea air that breezes through the home and gives it life.

Spherical mirrors hanging from leather straps over a metallic basin elevate the simple act of hand washing by resembling large drops of water that bring a sense of the natural world in, while a pair of antlers and an almost prehistoric-looking lamp stand on a table in another room convey the reality that the home stands on ground far older than itself. A dramatic, mid-century modern inspired ergonomic chair in the master bedroom rests beside tables that resemble tree stumps, revealing that the enjoyment of both sleek modern design and a leisurely cup of coffee are not mutually exclusive. Dark woods and a long, plush sectional sofa before a pool table in the game room convey that this home is a haven for many, as do real-world elements such as a urinal and trough sink that, in the context of a private bathroom, are almost whimsical.

This easy relationship with the natural world is what many have come to expect from California – in both its people and the environments they create. From its very inception Residence 04 was intended to be a testament to this reality, which is why, perhaps, it required the singular talents of designer Jeff Andrews to ensure that this aim was fully realized.

Jeff Andrews

Allen Wix

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