Summer Champs

We caught up with some prominent locals to find out what they are watching, reading and listening to this season.

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    Laila Samimi


Dane Zaun  |  Professional surfer for Hurley

Shark Tank
“It’s about upstart businesses trying to get investment help. It’s pretty entertaining, and there are also a few good tips!”

Surfing Magazine
“It’s my life, and I like to read about and see what my friends are doing around the world.”

“I listen to all kinds of music, but lately I’ve been tuning in to the hip-hop and rap stations on the radio. It puts you in the mood to have a good time, which is perfect for summer!”


Mickelson  |  Personal chef & food stylist

The Voice
“I love that people are confident enough to put themselves on the line and have their artistic abilities critiqued. Culinary art is also a performance art, so I can relate to it in that aspect.” 

Blood, Bones & Butter 
by Gabrielle Hamilton
“This is a well-written and compelling personal story about life as a chef. Hamilton writes in a way that forces a picture into your mind and puts you into the scene as if you were there.”

Colbie Caillat and 
Jack Johnson
“For the summer season, I love light, easy listening that is great for summer get-togethers and barbeques. It’s perfect background music while cooking outdoors.”


Joanna Edgerton  |  Beach cities health district board

2012 Summer Olympics
“Every two years during the Summer Olympics, I actually look forward to coming home each day to watch the action; it’s two weeks of straight entertainment!”  

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert 
“Bovary was such a complex, evil character yet at the same time so human. I just love this book; it’s beautifully written.” 

Alicia Keys
“I never tire of Alicia Keys. She is an amazing musician and songwriter with a beautiful voice and true musical talent. She’s as good as they get.”