Sunni McBride, Doctor of Audiology/Owner South Bay Hearing & Balance Center

Starkey Hearing Foundation

3734 W. Sepulveda Blvd. in Torrance; 310-375-6161;

South Bay Hearing & Balance Center diagnoses hearing loss and balance problems and uses hearing aids to develop comprehensive hearing solutions for patients. Owner Sunni McBride, a 20-year veteran in the field of audiology, started the practice in 2007.

Tell us about the Starkey Hearing Foundation. 

“The Starkey Hearing Foundation sends teams on hearing missions around the world. I was part of the mission that went to Guadalajara, Mexico earlier in the year. South Bay Hearing sends hearing aids donated by our patients to the foundation. We also donate a portion of every hearing aid sold to support the foundation.”

What motivates you to combine your passion for your business with your desire to give back? 

“Many people are good-hearted and want to give of their time to help others. As audiologists, we have specific skills that enable us to deal with hearing loss.  There are millions of people in the USA with hearing loss, and only 25% of them use the hearing aids they need. Around the world, the numbers are staggering. We hope to be part of more hearing missions in the future to give people hope for a better life.”

"It feels good to know that your efforts made someone else’s life more sweet.” 

In what ways do you encourage your team to support worthy organizations? 

“One of our audiologists, Dr. Ryan Bullock, is a competitive long distance swimmer. He has his own foundation, Swim to Hear. His goal is to build audiology awareness and educate people about ear health and hearing loss through his swimming efforts. He just won the Alcatraz swim race in San Francisco. He was first place in a field of 400 swimmers, including two former Olympians.”

What are the biggest benefits of making social responsibility a priority? 

“You can come to work and punch a clock or have all of your focus be financially on the bottom line. People burn out, and life can be pretty shallow. But if you turn outward and try to figure out how to help the most people you can, your work during the day has a different sense about it. Your employees are proud to work with you. Your patients know that they are truly important to you. You attract good people to you. It feels good to know that your efforts made someone else’s life more sweet.”

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